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Regulations and Implications for EOS

This week the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC), an independent bureau of the U.S. Department of the Treasury, approved the use of public blockchain networks as an allowed settlement infrastructure in the US financial system. This is of course fantastic news for the entire crypto space but not all networks will benefit equally from this increased regulatory acceptance. At the same time, we’ve seen the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) announce an investigation into Ripple (XRP) while prominent figures on Crypto Twitter hint at even more large SEC investigations to come.

The trend is clear: governments are not banning crypto but are instead regulating it and making sure that blockchain companies and networks operate lawfully. We believe this is extremely bullish for EOS and here’s why: 

From the very start, it was clear that Block.one was doing things in a different way than the rest of the crypto community. During the wild wild west days of the breathtaking ICO boom in 2017, projects were scrambling to publish shoddy whitepapers and then delivered multiple delays for code releases while spending lots of money marketing to build hype.

Block.one published an excellent whitepaper and followed it up right on schedule with the release of industry-leading code in the form of the EOSIO open-source blockchain protocol. Since then, Block.one has continued to take an approach that is contrary to what most of the layer-1 smart contract competitors have chosen. By working closely with relevant financial authorities, Block.one has adopted a slow but methodical approach that is optimized for both the long-run and the inevitable regulations that the crypto industry requires in order to mature into a permanent and respected asset class. 

While many in our community have criticized Block.one for not taking a more active role in the EOS public network, their distance over the last 2 years has helped cement the fact that the EOS network is indeed a decentralized public network that is not reliant on any one person or group of people, such as Block.one, to operate.

Block.one and EOS are extremely well positioned for the regulated crypto bull market that we are just now entering. The OCC news this week is a clear validation of the Block.one strategy. After a long and sometimes difficult winter, the EOS community has once again turned very bullish and positive.

Block.one is the most well-funded company in the crypto space and they’ve been working closely with regulators while the EOS public network processes more transactions every day than the combined throughput of all major layer-1 smart contracts platforms combined. EOS is ready, right now, for massively scaled and regulated applications to be deployed on the network.

EOS Twitter and EOS Telegram are now much more active and the sentiment is unmistakably bullish. There’s even a new Telegram channel dedicated only to bullish EOS sentiment that is growing extremely quick. We hope you join us there, it’s a great place to chat with fellow EOS bulls!

VanCity Outbreak Episode 2: NFT Series & Battle

Get ready for the VanCity Outbreak Episode 2 release and the upcoming Humans vs Zombies NFT battle! 🦸‍♂️⚔️🧟 

VanCity Outbreak is a high quality graphic novel created by Reid Lucier of Whiplash comics that’s being released as an NFT collectible series by dotGems, EOS Nation’s newly formed EOSIO NFT publishing house. Led by EOS Nation Co-Founder Stephane Bisson and EOS Nation Regional Director of Asia Martin Breuer, dotGems helps onboard non-blockchain artists into the space and offers innovative and groundbreaking content experiences by operating on the bleeding edge of art, crypto and virtual reality. Follow us on Twitter, hop into the dotGems Collectors Club on Telegram and join us for what is sure to be a fantastic, art-fueled blockchain adventure!

For VanCity Outbreak Episode 2 we’re proud to be bringing something new to the WAX NFT scene this month with our fully on-chain smart contract NFT battle!  You’ll need to purchase a Survival Drop on January 16, 2021 in order to acquire some humans and zombies that can be sent into battle!

The VanCity Outbreak Episode 2 graphic novel is about 35% longer than Episode 1 and contains several beautiful composite shots turned into dazzling Ultra Rares and other collectibles. If you enjoyed our first series you will love this 2nd one. We’ve increased the quality and quantity of the art and technology supporting this release and we’re extremely excited to deliver a value-packed WAX NFT series!

Join us on Telegram  and follow us on Twitter to participate in contests and win extra weapons for the NFT battle! We’ll be airdropping weapons all week to holders of our collection so make sure to join our various Twitter and Telegram contests. These weapons will help you collect more Kill NFTs in the battle, which can then be burned for WAX!

Another promotion we’ll be running this week will be based on the fun “what’s on your left” game that we played leading up to the Episode 1 release. When we run these contests, Telegram group users can share pictures of objects besides them to be used in a zombie outbreak! We’ll run polls on our favorite items and the winning object will be sent to the VanCity Armory, where it will be forged into a weapon NFT to be included in the official VanCity Outbreak Episode 2 collection. The Mint #1 of this newly minted weapon NFT will be sent as a prize to the group member that initially submitted the winning object. 

Our collection features:

🌉 Stunning artwork
💰$1000 prize pool
🔪NFT powerup weapons
🔥Burn defeated NFTs
📜Earn WAX-backed Kill NFTs
🌇Low-mint Collector’s Edition awarded to accounts with most kills

VanCity Outbreak Episode 2 distribution information:

➡️6000 Survival Drops available @ 100 WAX each 
➡️Pre-mint: all drops purchased have equal chances at low mints 
➡️Distribution done after the 48-hour sale window
➡️Unsold drops burned

Each VanCity Outbreak Episode 2 Survival Drop contains:

✅ 1x battle-ready human 
✅ 1x battle-ready zombie 
✅ 2x weapons 
✅ 2x comic pages 

Chance at: 
🎲 Military weapons 
🎲 Night vision pages 
🎲 Rarities & Kill Shots 
🎲 4x NEW Hi-Res Animated character intros 
🎲 10x NEW Hi-Res 3D Ultra Rares

Effect Pieces

During our short break, the Effect.AI team had a bunch of news to share at their End-Of-Year Celebration and their monthly AMA session. For example, they launched the “I am The Effect” campaign, started the 1st cycle of the EffectDAO, introduced additional hires to the team, launched a brand new Wiki, and with Effect Pieces announced an exciting NFT Project with a humanitarian twist.

Now that the technology is built out, it seems that the team is aiming for lots of marketing to onboard more workers through a more simplified account creation method. Their cooperation with Kraft Heinz will also continue in 2021, bringing lots of tasks to the workers of EffectForce.

We were especially happy that Effect.AI’s CEO Chris Dawe once again confirmed that 

“Nothing’s gonna work better than EOS for us” (minute 23:13) during the AMA, when asked if they’d consider moving to another blockchain protocol. He elaborated further that, if they were to use Ethereum it would cost them a whopping $60,000 USD per day, and that was even before the recent spike in GAS prices.

However, the Effect.AI team remains blockchain agnostic and for that matter, they have announced Effect Pieces in cooperation with SuperRare, one of the most reputable marketplaces for CryptoArt.

Effect Pieces will allow refugees to reproduce artistic masterpieces as NFTs, which will then be auctioned off on SuperRare. Check out the first artwork that’s already up. Proceeds from these auctions will provide refugees with access to computers and accelerated learning programs focused on blockchain, computer programming, and business.

Kudos to Effect.AI for using their tech to improve the lives of those in need!

Upland and Blockchain Heroes

Another exciting partnership around NFTs was forged by the Blockchain Heroes and Upland, which will release a collectible NFT card deck based on the creative art that’s happening within both projects. We’ll see the first promo cards for the “Upland meets Blockchain Heroes” series dropping on January 11, 2021. The release of the full set is currently scheduled for late Q1 2021.

The fact that Blockchain Heroes are living on the WAX blockchain while Upland is based on EOS is in our opinion one the most exciting aspects of this cooperation, as it probably introduces some new functionalities allowing NFTs to be moved across blockchains. The Upland team confirmed in the announcement article that their NFT Gateway, The Portal, is planned for 2021 and will allow Uplanders to import NFTs from other blockchains.

We can’t wait!

Upland now has 4000 daily active unique wallets, a 21% monthly increase, and ranks in the Top 5 Blockchain Games based on recent DappRadar statistics.

Blockchain gaming on EOS FTW!

EOSX Goes Mobile

With the support for login via Wombat, TokenPocket, and MYKEY, the EOSX Explorer becomes one of the most practical block explorers and one-stop-shop for all things EOSIO.

The EOSX team pushes improvements and innovation at a high frequency, such as the DeFi portal and the EOSX Vault, to ensure the best possible user experience.

Make sure to check the improved EOSX out if you haven’t yet! There’s much more to come in 2021.

Emanate & Outlier Ventures

The Emanate team had some exciting news to share, as they were chosen as one of 10 companies for the 4th Base Camp of Outlier Ventures, a prominent Web 3 Accelerator.

We’re very happy for the Emanate team for getting in on this great opportunity and are curious how the 5-month long program will help to improve Emanate even further.

And Kudos to Emanate’s CEO Sean Gardner who shared some very positive EOS sentiment on Twitter.

Awesome stuff! It’s great to have hard-working teams like Emanate within our community!

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Ocean Defenders NFT Launch

In the spirit of the emerging SOLARPUNK movement, The Ocean Defenders are determined to build a platform for a synergistic lifestyle. Here we come together to use our individual powers to preserve the cradle of life, our oceans.

Everyone can become an Ocean Defender, each in their own individual way. We welcome you.

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Heidi Taillefert presents: Vintage Valentines

The Vintage Valentine series was conceived to mimic turn of the century valentine’s day cards, reflecting an era when society pretended to hide the more salacious habits of so many people during that time. On top of the physical pieces, this collection also features digital copies, published as Vintage Valentine Card NFTs on the carbon-neutral WAX blockchain.

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