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Trilateral Partnership and Natural Synergies: BSN + dfuse + EOS Nation

BSN, dfuse and EOS Nation got together this week on Everything EOS to highlight the strengths and synergies of our latest trilateral partnership and how it will drive and enable large amounts of developers to build on the EOS Mainnet. While we highly recommend watching the entire episode, here’s a quick recap of the most important topics that were discussed.

BSN is a blockchain integrator that makes it easy for developers to quickly start building on blockchain at a very low cost. A $20 monthly subscription is all that’s required for a developer to gain access to all of the offered blockchains by BSN, which range from custom built private networks to public and permissionless networks such as EOS.

BSN is going to be attracting a lot of developers who are curious about building on blockchain and we want to make sure that those developers have an easy way to build and experiment on EOS. EOS Nation’s dfuse Community Edition will play a critical role by enabling developers to freely explore some of the advanced programming features that are available on dfuse. Developers will have only spent $20 up until this point, and can get a taste of the power and flexibility that building on EOS offers. Once they find product-market-fit and demand for their services grows beyond our capacity to service them for free through the EOS Nation dfuse Community Edition, we know that the highly competent and professional team at dfuse will be able to offer a world class enterprise service that is highly scalable and capable of satisfying the needs of even the most demanding applications.

As many of you know, dfuse is designed for large enterprises with heavy and uninterruptible data needs. Throughout the episode, Alexandre Bourget talked about the many products that dfuse has shipped in 2020 and how they can help developers build next generation distributed applications.

BSN also highlighted the examples of blockchain networks that run without a native token and instead, node operators are simply paid in fiat directly by the developers who need to create or access a certain type of blockchain. The system is built in a way that will see the amount of node providers increase following an increase in developer demand as those monthly fees are distributed to node providers. It’s a very flexible approach that focuses on offering the most low-cost and low-friction way to get people building on blockchain.

And finally, at the end of the episode Yves La Rose talked about some of the projects and products that EOS Nation has been working on in the last few months. Yves shared some news regarding how EOS Nation works with the Canadian government through universities to onboard new developers as part of our student development program, which we are currently looking to expand into China. 

Yves also officially announced the upcoming release of EOS Nation’s new flashloan DeFi product. This public good is free to use and has been live and functional on the Mainnet for quite some time now. We’re now confident enough in its robustness to audit and MSIG the smart contracts and open up the flash loans to more users and volume. Stay tuned!

Twerps, Heroes, Deadmau5, monKeys, Bitcoin Origins & Monsters of Rap.

We hope your WAX accounts and credit cards are ready because there are a lot of NFTs going on sale in the next week! Whatever type of NFT it is you like to collect, WAX ha you covered this week!

Monday: The much-anticipated Crypto Twerps series is going on sale on Monday at 1600 UTC, and we’re happy to announce that the team has given us some promotional NFTs to give out to our community! Make sure to follow us on Twitter as we’ll be running a retweet contest on Sunday morning with tons of Crypto Twerps to be won, and we’ll be giving some more away in our Mega NFT Raffle on December 20th.

The team behind Crypto Twerps have done a great job building both their product and community. There are 19 different artists that have produced 40 different designs for this release, some of which are downright hilarious. In total, there are 80 different cards (a/b of the 40 designs) and 4 different rarities to collect.

Tuesday: The Blockchain Heroes metaverse has been invaded by the evil centralizers of the world financial systems and authoritarian governments, and you’re invited to join the fight in series 2 of this iconic WAX NFT series. Watch the fantastic trailer on Twitter and get your WAX ready for Blockchain Heroes: First Strike! There are 40 original characters in this release and nine rarities, which include collectible artifacts, fully-animated characters, and some ultra-rare 3D renders. If the Black Friday pre-sale was any indication, this series is going to be very popular! To learn more about this release, tune in for a 1 hour interview on Anyobservation with Joel Comm and Travis Wright, the creators of Blockchain Heroes.

Deadmau5 digital collectibles are coming to WAX and go on sale December 16th at 2100 UTC! Deadmau5 is a world class musician well known for his passion for technology and love of innovation in the electronic music space. He’s already involved with blockchain technology through his music label’s close partnership with Emanate, so this upcoming release of digital merch is a logical progression for Deadmau5 as he continues to be a natural trailblazer in all things music and technology. The sale will be credit card only and is likely to onboard many new users to the WAX network, which is what we all want to see.

Make sure to visit the drop page for all the details and then head on over to Deadmau5’s Emanate page to listen to his latest tracks. Don’t forget to sign up to Emanate as there’s a free drop coming up for account holders.  

Thursday: Give your wallet a short break, this is the only day without an exciting NFT release this week! Take the time to learn more about a very unique and interesting project called cryptomonKeys! This vast series has new cards coming out on a regular basis but none of them are sold! How can you earn them? In all sorts of ways such as engaging with the community or holding previous cryptomonKeys NFTs. Learn more about the project in the recent WAX Community Developer Highlight series.

Saturday: Bitcoin Origins Moment 2 “The Genesis Block” goes on sale this Friday and is the 2nd release in Series 1 of this beautiful and exclusive collection. In total, there are 5 moments per series with 3 artistic renditions of each moment as well as 3 special inserts. During the sale, enough collectors must mine (open) the 1MB Block (pack) before unlocking the 2MB and 4MB blocks of the series, with each block being more expensive than the previous ones.

Saturday: Monster of Rap is the 2nd project led by the R2 & EOS Amsterdam partnership and features a new artist and some scary and funny renditions of the most popular rappers in music history. Join the community on Telegram and get ready for the drop on Saturday at 1700 UTC.

eosfinex & pTokens Bring ETH DeFi Tokens to EOS

The eosfinex team announced a total of 18 new listings and the selection of tokens focuses primarily on Ethereum-based DeFi protocols, effectively bringing a lot more liquidity to the EOS DeFi space.

Porting Ethereum Projects over to EOS was made possible through the pNetwork and the first batch of tokens (pUNI, pCOMP, pBAL, pBAND, pSNX) is already available for trading, with more to follow in the coming weeks. Kudos to the Bitfinex team for an amazing contribution aiming to push our ecosystem to the forefront of DeFi innovation.

In other eosfinex news, we’re happy to report that the Wombat Wallet, one of the easiest ways to create EOS accounts, is now fully integrated. This powerful combination makes it incredibly easy to onboard users onto EOS and get them to experience the power of eosfinex and the advantages of trading Bitfinex levels of liquidity for Ethereum DeFi tokens directly from your EOS account. This is truly incredible stuff, the future of crypto trading has arrived! Congrats to eosfinex, Provable Tokens and all of the EOS users who will get to take advantage of these incredible products.

EOS Projects dominate the Dutch Blockchain Awards

Congratulations to WordProof for winning the Dutch Blockchain Awards in the “Social Impact” category. After being rewarded earlier this year by policymakers of the European Commission, this new award is yet another great success for the WordProof team and a clear message by thousands of individual voters that a trusted web is much desired.

WordProof founder, Sebastiaan van der Lans, explained during the ceremony how timestamping on a blockchain can combat fake news and bring more integrity to the information we share on the internet.

The timestamp brings two things. Transparency, so how did information change over time, and accountability, where does the information come from. And with the identity connected to content, you can at least combat every fake news or misinformation coming from anonymous sources, which is a big problem.

When asked what would be next for WordProof, Sebastiaan mentioned the upcoming cooperation with one of the largest news websites in the Netherlands, more educational content in the WordProof Academy, and integration of WordProof into the Shopify App Center.

Effect.AI was the second EOS-based project to win a Dutch Blockchain Award, this time in the “Public Solution” Category. In an interview, Chris Dawe, CEO of Effect.AI, shared that one of the announcements planned for the 19th of December 2020, will introduce new opportunities to improve the situation of refugees.

We’d like to give a big shout out to the Dutch EOS community, which is clearly thriving! Two out of six awards this year went to projects building on EOS! Bravo!

HireVibes 2.0 Rollout & EM Talent Consulting Partnership

HireVibes is back in the news this week with the launch of the first phase of the HireVibes 2.0 rollout, as the platform welcomed EM Talent Consulting as the first external Staffing firm to the HireVibes network. EM Talent has already worked with leading brands such as BitGo, eBay, and Intuit, and are currently sourcing talent in the areas of DeFi, software engineering, product design, and business development. Check out further details in the announcement article if this sounds like a potential opportunity for you or someone that you know.

YUP makes a move on NFTs

YUP has added a new feed to their Web App, which is dedicated to NFTs and digital art and generated through YUP user ratings from across the large variety of NFT marketplaces. The curation of CryptoArt is becoming increasingly important given the explosive growth rate of new artists coming into the space and YUP provides a great tool and additional revenue stream for anyone that loves browsing NFTs.

Visit the YUP NFT Gallery to see which artworks were mostly rated by YUP users or check out the tweet thread where the YUP team shared some of their favourite pieces.

Upland NFT Artist and Sandbox Wars

The Upland Metaverse is expanding into CryptoArt by featuring Stephen Tompkins as the first artist selling his works on their platform. To learn more about the artist and how Upland plans to integrate artists, we recommend you to check out the Upland NFT Artist Spotlight. Three of his works were auctioned off in the Upland #NFT-ART channel and each of them comes in pair with a Rare Block Explorer, inspired by the original piece and created in partnership with the artist.

We congratulate Upland for their premiere in the CryptoArt space and hope to see many more artists selling in this EOS-based metaverse soon.

The Upland map surely needs some buildings to showcase all the artworks, which brings us to the next event happening in Upland, the Sandbox Wars. The purpose of this fun event is to test the new 3D building interface and get familiar with the underlying game mechanics.

There’s a lot to unpack, like staking for building power, positioning of trailers to steal an opponent’s points, or choosing a neighbourhood champion. We recommend reading the full details in the announcement article.

Everipedia Bounties

The Everipedia team announced the launch of a public bounty system offering great opportunities for developers (C++, JS, EOS) to get involved in the IQ Ecosystem and earn rewards. Bounties range up to $4,000 per task, with a total of $15,000 currently available. You’ll find details about the first batch on GitHub and you can join the designated Telegram Channel for further information and updates.

EOS integrated into Revolut

Due to overwhelming demand, Revolut has made four new cryptocurrencies available for users in the EU. And we’re happy to report that EOS is one of them! Revolut is a financial super app aiming to be the “digital banking alternative.” Their rapidly growing user base speaks volumes about the quality of their product and the overall need for innovation in the financial sector.

EOS surely has a lot to offer in this regard. 

CoolWave Capital Highlights 2020 Progress

CoolWave Capital published a great article this week, which clearly lays out all the progress Block.one has made in the year 2020. Naturally, we are already extremely excited for EOS in both the near and long term, and it’s great to see that others are feeling the same way. If you’re looking for a boost of positive vibes about Block.one and EOS, make sure to give this piece a read.

Spicy Rare Season Finale Preview

Our first season is almost over! We’ve had a ton of fun this year creating our Spicy Rare NFT series and giving them away to our loyal fans who have shown up for the live chats during our EOS Hot Sauce YouTube Premieres each week. We’ve also been giving away NFT card packs every week and we have more great prizes to give away before the end of the year. But this week is the last chance to accumulate some Spicy Rares for Season 1!

Next week is the last EOS Hot Sauce episode of the year, and while we’re not giving away any new Spicy Rare NFTs, we’re giving away all of our end of season prizes, which include over 13,000 WAX in prizes and $1000+ worth of NFTs and NFT packs! Spicy!!

After the EOS Hot Sauce Premiere, we’ll invite our viewers to join Stéphane and Martin, our resident NFT gurus, for the end of the year Race for Rares livestream on December 20th at 1615 UTC. They’ll be talking about NFTs, sharing some of our plans for the upcoming year, and of course giving away tons of NFT & WAX prizes!

We hope to see you there – and until then, let’s keep it spicy!

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Ocean Defenders NFT Launch

In the spirit of the emerging SOLARPUNK movement, The Ocean Defenders are determined to build a platform for a synergistic lifestyle. Here we come together to use our individual powers to preserve the cradle of life, our oceans.

Everyone can become an Ocean Defender, each in their own individual way. We welcome you.

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Heidi Taillefert presents: Vintage Valentines

The Vintage Valentine series was conceived to mimic turn of the century valentine’s day cards, reflecting an era when society pretended to hide the more salacious habits of so many people during that time. On top of the physical pieces, this collection also features digital copies, published as Vintage Valentine Card NFTs on the carbon-neutral WAX blockchain.

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