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Zapier Integrates bountyblok

Zapier Integrates bountyblok

As early beta testers of the bountyblok and Zapier integration, we know how good this product is – and we’re thrilled to be able to share the news of this launch with the wider EOS community. By combining bountyblok and Zapier together, users of over 2,000+ applications now have a simple and unique way of tracking and rewarding their growing user base while storing the data directly on the EOS Mainnet. 

Followers of EOS Nation on Twitter might have noticed that we ran some retweet contests recently. What they might not know is that these contests were powered by bountyblok and Zapier. On top of an easy way to track participant’s actions in various apps, bountyblok allows applications to track participation across more than one task or challenge. This allowed us to build an internal leaderboard ranking the most active participants in our retweet contests. We might be giving away additional prizes to the leaderboard winners at the end of the year, so stay tuned to our Twitter for more retweet contests powered by bountyblok and Zapier!

Are you still unclear on how bountyblok can help create more engagement from your users? Make sure to watch their short What is bountyblok video and then head on over to their case-studies page, which highlights use cases for various apps and dApps. Finally, for new users getting started, we suggest going through the Twitter Integration walkthrough, which clearly explains the steps you need to take in both bountyblok and Zapier to get set up and run your first challenge.

Dimitri Nikolaros, CEO of bountyblok, took to Voice to share the good news in his first post on the platform. Let’s show him some support! Dimitri has been a pillar of the EOS community since the launch of the mainnet and we’re proud of the great work that he and the bountyblok team have done in integrating the EOS mainnet with an application as popular as Zapier. Well done! 

Block.one Launches EOSIO For Business

This week Block.one unveiled new services that are targeted at helping businesses run their own private EOSIO chain. While many members of the community were happy to see clear progress in expanding the footprint of EOSIO networks, others wondered how the EOS Mainnet would benefit from an initiative that promotes EOSIO private chains. We’ll get to that in just a moment, but first let’s take a look at exactly what Block.one is offering here.

EOSIO Premier Technical Support allows EOSIO for Business clients to connect with EOSIO experts, access real-time support tools, contact a dedicated helpdesk and enjoy uninterrupted business operations. Options range from the Base package that only covers regular business hours to the Launch 24×7 package that offers extensive coverage and includes on-site personnel.

EOSIO Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) experts help run client’s EOSIO blockchain, which reduces complexity, minimizes costs, enhances productivity and allows clients to focus on their business while the EOSIO for Business team takes care of their blockchain infrastructure.

EOSIO Consulting leverages the knowledge and know-how of EOSIO experts to identify, architect, and implement blockchain solutions.

And finally, the EOSIO Training & Certification program empowers developers, administrators and other blockchain enthusiasts to learn core concepts, explore EOSIO capabilities, and earn certifications. There’s even a promotion right now offering a free 30-day trial for those who sign up before October 31st.

Four training modules are currently available:

The Bullish Case for EOS

Overall, this complete suite of enterprise products makes it enticing and compelling for businesses to consider EOSIO for their private blockchain needs. It’s clear to us that Block.one is laying the foundations that EOSIO needs to become recognized as an industry-leading blockchain architecture capable of serving both private and public use-cases.

And yes, private EOSIO chains are easily able to connect to the public EOS Mainnet. This was the vision for EOSIO and EOS in 2017 and it still is in 2020. In fact, Dan Larimer recently reiterated this view in a recent interview, explaining how he views the EOSIO ecosystem as many blockchains linking to each other to enable horizontal scaling.  Onboarding businesses onto private EOSIO chains just makes it likely that some of these businesses will eventually (or immediately) want to leverage the immutability and security of the EOS Mainnet in one way or another. One popular use case involves hashing the block headers of your private chain onto the EOS Mainnet to be able to publicly prove the authenticity of the data on your private EOSIO chain.

The vision of this interconnected web of private and public EOSIO networks is starting to take shape and is attracting the attention of some of the biggest technology companies in the world.

Dan Larimer recently stated that Google Cloud got interested in joining the EOS public network after working with Block.one on other ventures. Is it possible that Block.one is leveraging the Google Cloud platform for their EOSIO for Business offerings? Is it possible that Google Cloud recognized the power of the EOSIO software as they worked with Block.one on their EOSIO for Business offering?

While Google Cloud recently announced their intentions of becoming an active block producer on EOS, they also announced that they have no intentions of claiming block production rewards. Instead, they view becoming a block producer as an “infrastructure play.” Google Cloud believes that becoming an active block producer on EOS is going to be so profitable for their business that they are not even considering the block rewards in their risk/reward analysis. To us, this is a clear signal that Google Cloud anticipates a lot of demand for EOSIO related services and they are positioning themselves to be ready when that demand arrives.

Individually, both the Google Cloud announcement and the EOSIO for Business announcement are great news for the long term health and success of ecosystem.

Taken together, they represent clear and unmistakable progress on the way to making EOS & EOSIO fundamental building blocks for our blockchain future.

WAX NFT Evolution

WAX NFT collectors have a lot of drops to look forward to, and we see a lot of new concepts being built with NFTs as a medium of art, culture, and entertainment.

A good example is Alien Worlds, a very ambitious project bringing together DACs, DeFi and NFTs in a cross-chain metaverse. Their first sale is already over but three more are coming up, including the October 23rd Rare Pack Sale.

To further understand the concept of the Alien Worlds metaverse, we recommend the Land on Alien Worlds article, or the detailed feature about the project on Yahoo Finance.

The Dutch auction style chosen by Alien Worlds is a great example of the ongoing experimentation around ways to distribute NFTs. Another method will be introduced by mBlu Crypto in cooperation with Atomic Hub for the next drop of Uplift.Art NFTs. 

In a recent interview on the Anyobservation Channel, they teased a new upgrading mechanism and a fairer distribution of mints so that the excitement to purchase and open packs can be sustained beyond the initial race. Under the new model, mints are randomly distributed among packs, however, through the upgrading mechanism, there’s still a gamification aspect to race for lower mints.

The mechanism to burn common cards to get more rare cards was first introduced by the GoPepe team, which is currently preparing for an exclusive Hallomeme 2020 drop. The new series will feature 10 new characters in 4 rarities. All new designs will be done by the well established Crypto Artist, Rare Designer. 

Collectors will be able to send their NFTs on “Trick or Treat” tours to get additional exclusive rewards. But “Trick or Treat” tours will only be available for 3 days.

Sounds like fun, right?

Join the event on Friday, October 30th.

Another drop that’s going to introduce some game mechanics is Tribal Books, developed by the team that brought us Prospectors. It will be a free-to-play online card game and will potentially introduce some cross-chain activities further down the line.

The Dark Country Heroes are also preparing for battle in the Heroes Fight Club. If you plan to participate, better get up to date on the newly published Dark Country project guide.

Also the NFT artist Gisel X Florez is exploring new concepts with her artburnstash collection on Atomichub. 

Each artwork will be released as a double edition backed by a large stack of WAX. 

A collector has the choice to buy and burn one, to access the WAX, making the remaining piece a 1/1.

The increasing NFT activity on WAX is truly amazing, and to get an overview of what we can expect in the next weeks check out a recent tweet thread by Anyobservation. Make sure to check out the replies under the tweet for additional upcoming drops. For example, the much anticipated Bitcoin Origins cards scheduled for October 31st. Great artwork right there!

With so many different NFTs to collect, they’re becoming harder to manage. We’re looking forward to the release of the first WAX Desktop Wallet brought to us by the Zenblocks team. WAX Desktop comes with a slick interface covering all the needs of a WAX user, along with full Ledger support and a new POWER token to manage network resources.

NFTs in Upland & Fresno Opens

Initially based on NFT properties, the Upland community is preparing to support much more NFT related functions and published a Guide to NFTs in Upland. Besides new options to generate UPX income with a large variety of new Upland Native NFTs, based on the dGoods standard, there’s also the opportunity to import NFTs from other Blockchains via Gateway NFTs. It’s pretty exciting for this growing metaverse!

Yes, indeed, Upland is growing pretty fast. Just shortly after New York was added and air travel introduced, Fresno, California will be opened on Tuesday, October 20th, along with the opportunity to travel by train.

The major difference here is the budget. While New York properties and air travel are quite pricey, traveling by train and buying properties in Fresno is rather affordable. Ideal for newcomers.

“Fresno represents a fundamental component of the Upland economy, a space where new and casual players can learn the ropes of Upland, without having to spend a lot of UPX. The launch of Fresno brings us a big step closer to achieving the vision of a digital economy that anyone can participate in, and a game that anyone can play.”

Check out the full details about the opening of Fresno in the announcement article and get ready for the run on interesting properties in Fresno. As Upland is based on the real world, you might want to start researching Fresno’s most prominent neighborhoods and landmarks before the run on properties begins.

Speaking about landmarks, the Upland community just voted on the top landmarks in San Francisco, and the results must have made some property owners in the winning areas quite happy.

Ultra Liquidity

Ultra has announced a month long UOS liquidity rewards program in order to incentivize UOS/ETH liquidity on the popular Uniswap DEX on Ethereum. Users who deposit both UOS and ETH into the liquidity pool will earn their share of 450,000 UOS in rewards. These bonus rewards are going to be distributed until November 8th, which means there’s still 3 weeks left of rewards to accumulate. On October 16th, the UOS/ETH pool had approximately $700,000 USD of total liquidity.

Warning: providing liquidity is not risk free. Understand the risks, such as impermanent loss, before joining a Uniswap liquidity pool.

YUP Token Introduction

The Yup Protocol launched the Yup Token on October 9th as the centerpiece to drive a curator economy for consensus across various social media platforms. Not only sourcing the best from different content platforms, but the protocol also stretches across blockchains, using EOS for its superior scalability and developer friendliness, while choosing Ethereum for liquidity.

Learn more about how to get involved and earn Yup tokens in the Yup introduction article and read about what the team thinks about blockchain tribalism in a recent article in Cointelegraph.

To realize their vision, the Yup team established the first implementation of a DAPP Network ETH-EOS Bridge on the mainnet, which is yet another milestone in itself.

DAPP Talk with Nathan Rempel

Speaking about the DAPP Network and LiquidApps tools for blockchain interoperability, we recommend you watch the recent DAPP Talk episode with LiquidApps Principal Engineer Nathan Rempel, where he discussed the latest in terms of cross-chain magic.

He was quoted:

“We could actually have Ethereum key-based virtual accounts where Ethereum users could interact with the EOS network natively, but utilizing their existing ETH keys for signing contracts with Metamask.” 

It’s great to see the different components and parties, such as developers, applications, DSPs and bridge operators coming together to establish true blockchain interoperability.  

To dive deeper into the topic the Liquidapps team compiled a list of ideas and concepts discussed in the DAPP Network community that would become possible with this technology.

In other LiquidApps news, the DAPP token was recently listed on eosfinex. Congratulations to the whole team! Well deserved!

Voice Highlights

It was a big week on Voice this week! In case you missed it, we had many big names in crypto make their Voice debut and our CEO, Yves La Rose, posted a detailed timeline covering our interactions with Block.one regarding the EOS Resource Model Proposal. 

EOSIO Swiss Workshop #4

Patrick Bernard Schmid, NovaCrypto CEO/CTO and EOS Nation Ambassador, is hosting his 4th EOSIO Swiss Workshop of the year. Watch the announcement video, register for the free webinar, and tune in on October 23rd (1530 – 1730 UTC) to learn more about:

🎯EOS Ecosystem:

  • DeFi landscape
  • AI Localization Tasks + Timestamping
  • BaaS with EOSIO
  • LiquidApps dAppNetwork
  • Follow-Up & News: Voice, Sense Chat, Everipedia, deWeb

🎯NovaCrypto glimpses:

  • GESTech🇨🇭Platform Toolkit
  • Edu Services with deWeb
  • NFTs for EOSBS (EOS Blockchain Switzerland, Edu Platform)
  • Voice articles: Platform Manifesto series

🎯Interviews with #EOS Ecosystem Builders:

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Ocean Defenders NFT Launch

In the spirit of the emerging SOLARPUNK movement, The Ocean Defenders are determined to build a platform for a synergistic lifestyle. Here we come together to use our individual powers to preserve the cradle of life, our oceans.

Everyone can become an Ocean Defender, each in their own individual way. We welcome you.

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Heidi Taillefert presents: Vintage Valentines

The Vintage Valentine series was conceived to mimic turn of the century valentine’s day cards, reflecting an era when society pretended to hide the more salacious habits of so many people during that time. On top of the physical pieces, this collection also features digital copies, published as Vintage Valentine Card NFTs on the carbon-neutral WAX blockchain.

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