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Sense Chat 2.0 is Live

Sense Chat 2.0 is live and we want you to join us! This week iOS users received their  invite to start using Sense Chat 2.0, and while there are still some improvements to be made, we’re enjoying the experience so far and looking forward to the additional features planned. While Android users are still waiting for their invitation, Sense Chat has assured us that getting all Early Access signups on the platform is their top priority. Early Access sign ups are still open for those who’d like to try out Sense Chat as soon as possible.

Our Chief Community Officer, Stéphane Bisson, recently created the EOS Nation Sense Channel, which will be populated by everyone who used our signup link to join the Early Access program. Stéphane will be taking an active role in moderating the group. Those looking for a mostly uncensored group are free to join our EOS Nation Telegram chat. For the others, we hope to make our EOS Nation Sense Chat an enjoyable and positive place. Haters, spammers, scammers and bots will not be welcome. The moderation tools are still limited and may not allow us to do all the moderation actions that we’d like to do, but that will change over time.

Those of you who already got an invite link may have noticed that Sense Channels like ours are restricted to posts from the community manager only. We intend to open up our channel to posts from everyone as soon as that feature is available, which should be in the coming week. In the meantime, we encourage our members to reply to our posts and get familiar with the features of sending Sense to comments you like and vouching for people. If there’s something you’d like to see in Sense Chat, make sure to submit your ideas in the ‘Request a Feature’ section, which also allows you to vote on other submissions that you’d like to see in the app.

Anyone who downloaded the app and signed up for our community will get an email with a link to directly join our channel over the next few days. Earning daily rewards, staking to enter channels, and vouching for users are features that are live right now and a very welcome change of pace from Telegram. Are we finally going to be free of bots and scammers in our public chats? Sense Chat is definitely bringing us closer!

EOS Resource Model - Initial Feedback

EOS Nation has been busy over the past few months testing and preparing for the new proposed EOS resource model, having been keen supporters of the idea since Dan first mentioned it in November of 2019 in his article titled EOSIO Resource Allocation Reimagined. We’ve since shared our feedback in the Kylin and Jungle testnet channels, the specific Telegram channel setup for this discussion, as well as the official Block.one feedback form, but we want to take a brief moment to summarise our thoughts for the community, which Yves La Rose shared this week in a post on Voice. 

We want to make sure that stakeholders who are more likely to be impacted by these changes are aware of the discussion that is taking place and know they are encouraged to participate in it. In our opinion, large token holders running applications and front facing portals are the stakeholders that are likely going to be the most impacted. If you fall into one of these 2 categories, make sure to join the Telegram channel to discuss the new EOS resource model.

If you’re curious about what other block producers had to say, check out  AlohaEOS’s post, which contains links to many other responses (it gets updated as more stakeholders share their feedback).

Deployment and phase-in of the new resource model will take a number of months. Here’s a high level look at where we’re at, and what still needs to happen:

  • B1 releases code (Done)
  • Efforts on Testnets (Ongoing)
  • Official B1 release (TBD)
  • Effort on Testnets (TBD)
  • Deploy contract on Mainnet & create accounts (TBD)
  • Ongoing tuning of parameters (TBD)
  • Roadmap for phase-in of new model (TBD)
  • Roadmap for phase-out of current model (TBD)

WAX: GoPepe, RFOX, GPK S2, Nifty Box

Lots and lots of drops on WAX!

The GoPepe Cards just hit the marketplaces and collectors are busy completing collections. 

Don’t be surprised when you see how many lower rarities are being burned, as this is a mechanism to upgrade your cards.

To learn more about the GoPepe Collection, check out their interview on NFT Hype.

The team cooperated with Designforall this season and will continue to work with other artists for following GoPepe releases.

The creators of KOGs on WAX are doing an airdrop.

As you might know, RedFox is far more than just a blockchain game studio and already has its own coin, the RFOX.  And there’ll be a drop to all RFOX holders soon to power RedFox Games on WAX.

Check out the video message from RedFox CEO Ben Fairbank for more details.

The Waxplorer released a nice new feature for KOGs Collectors that makes it a lot easier to sort through a collection and finish a specific set. 

We had 2 new members join the WAX Advisory Council this week as Joel Comm and Travis Wright from Bad Crypto Podcast and Blockchain Heroes got added to this prestigious lineup.  These guys have developed a leading NFT brand on WAX and we are delighted to see them join the council. Their latest project, The Nifty Box, goes on sale on September 29th and is worth looking into! Are you more of an NFT Star or NFT King?

And now for all the GPK fans: Get ready!

The drop for GPK Digital Original Season 2 on September 30, 2020 is just a couple of days away, and we saw Tobin Lent, VP of Topps Digital, sharing a lot of interesting info regarding the upcoming sale in video interviews with NFT Hype and GPK News.

We’re very excited about this drop as it presents a lot of new variations.

Last but not least, this new tool might come in handy for those that never want to miss a drop on Atomic Hub. The Atomic Drop Notifier was created by WAX community member and Android developer 

Javier Mendonça, who shared the code on Github for suggestions and feedback.

Ultra: Benchmarks Tests and Exchange Listing

Ultra released more information about their recent benchmarking efforts, revealing that the Ultra version of EOSIO was able to execute an impressive 31% more transactions on average compared to a vanilla EOSIO deployment. On top of industry-best transfers per second (TPS), the consistency of successful transactions has also been excellent, revealing that the Ultra queuing mechanism works very well.

These EOSIO extensions will allow Ultra to offer:

  • Free transactions for users that need them
  • Fast transactions for developers
  • A secure queuing mechanism that can prevent spamming of the network

This week also came with a listing for UOS on KuCoin, and the big announcement of an Ultra & Atari partnership that will allow Ultra users to join an Atari dedicated community and play classic Atari games. Atari is also exploring the use of Ultra’s technology, including its NFT framework, to add a new twist to old classics. We can’t wait to see it all in action!

Congrats to Ultra for another exciting week!

EOSX DeFi Gateway Portal

We’re excited to introduce you to the EOSX DeFi Gateway Portal!

Here you’ll find a growing selection of DeFi projects on EOS, with relevant links and badges to signal the security status they currently hold.

We discussed the complexity of audits and MSIGs, and everything to consider when you evaluate the risk of an EOS DeFi project, in EOS Hot Sauce #72,.

It’s quite challenging to keep on top of all these new projects. 

But EOSX has you covered, as it dynamically updates the status of a selection of EOS DeFi projects and lets you know which ones have been audited and MSIGed.

Projects will only receive an “Audited” badge if the audit or audit certificate is made public by the  auditing firm. MSIG tags will only be awarded to projects whose token contracts and deposit accounts have been MSIGed with neutral third parties. 

Yves La Rose, CEO of EOS Nation, wrote in Telegram: 

“It’s one small step we can take to try and create a safer environment for token holders whilst not stifling innovation.

It does not remove the risk associated with participating in DeFi projects. Always manage your risk accordingly.”

In other EOS DeFi news, we’re happy to report that Evodex has added VIGOR/USDT as their first stable pair.

Vigor won the Best Community Voted dApp Award of the EOS Writer in late June, and now it’s your chance to drop a comment for Vigor and get quoted in the upcoming EOSWriter article!

Last but not least we want to give a shout out to OKEx for their quick response to the community that requested EOS DeFi projects be recognized. OKEx had the community vote on 6 projects, and the winning projects, BOX and DMD, are already listed and available for trading.

Equilibrium Grant

Congratulations go out to Equilibrium as they received a $27,000 grant from the Web3 Foundation.

Equilibrium will use the funds to build out its cross-chain money market to the Polkadot ecosystem and provide tools that enable other projects.

Equilibrium CEO Alex Melikhov said:

“Equilibrium’s mission is to open up the vast remaining potential within DeFi and maximize value for every DeFi user. Our technology lets us unite all major protocols and previously isolated digital assets, maximizing cross-chain liquidity so that anyone can transact with anyone.”

And the Equilibrium team is moving fast as their new product is already live on testnet.

The future is multi-chain and we’re happy to see this evolve.

EMANATE 1.6 Update!

The upcoming Emanate 1.6 update will bring a couple of long-awaited features to the platform. 

Emanate users will soon be able to personalize their experience, follow their favourite artists, and save their favourite songs. 

Emanate’s premium services are getting updates too.. 

From now on, services such as Premium Distro and access to EMT earnings can either be purchased via credit card or made available via staking. Music Lovers will need to stake 5000 EMT, whereas musicians will need to stake 25,000 EMT for the Pro Connect plan.

This goes hand in hand with another update: the option to finally be able to cash out your EMT earnings.

As a friendly reminder: Did you know that Emanate finished its closed beta in April and is already open for anyone to upload tracks?

Especially with the new updates, there’s hardly a reason for musicians and music lovers not to share their passion on Emanate.

Prospectors Boomtown

The Tombstone Boomtown will be launched on Wednesday, September 30th, and it brings a brand-new map featuring all the usual Prospectors functionalities, but with a twist.

The life of the town is limited to 2 months, so the game strategy needs to switch from long term to short term planning.

With this new concept, the goal is to move fast, cooperate, build a business, and try to extract as much value as possible before the town dies.

Bonz Manifest of the Prospectors team gave us the following quote: 

“The Boomtown challenge is a race against the clock, where players will work together to extract as much Gold, materials and resources in the most prosperous land ever discovered within the Prospectors reality. The concept is an entirely new type of gameplay for Prospectors. Players can experience the early days of a new land where the frenzy of new construction and searching for gold-rich plots, really emulates the Goldrush atmosphere. 

The goal is to build the Railway in the allotted time. Those who help with the construction will earn shares in the railroad, and get their share of the profits from the transportation of the Gold, materials and resources that get sent back to the permanent world. The PSS shareholders will win the prize of the entire State property fund.

Keeping players busy and on their toes for the entire time should make this the most exciting version of the game yet.”

Find more information on how to prepare for this exciting new version of the Prospectors Game in the official announcement. If you haven’t checked out Prospectors yet, now is a perfect time.

Effect Dao Staking 2.0

Good news for those already staking EFX tokens.

Not only are they generating NFX tokens based on their Stake Age (the duration that EFX is staked), but their Stake Age will also be ported over and play an important role in the newly introduced Effect Staking Protocol 2.0

In the upcoming Effect DAO, each member’s rank will be determined through the TriForce of the amount of locked NFX (the governance token), staked EFX, and its Stake Age. A higher rank in the Effect DAO means more benefits such as fee reward collection, dApp level privileges, and vote casting to influence the direction of Effect.ai

The process of voting, submitting proposals, and the importance of engagement was explained in a previous article.

Overall, the Effect.ai core team is doing an awesome job educating the EFX token holders and preparing for a successful launch of the Effect DAO.

And we’re happy to report that from now on Effect.ai will support the Anchor Wallet for signing transactions.

Also, you might want to mark the next Blockdown Conference  in your calendar on October 22nd-23rd , which will once again be hosted by Effect.ai Co-Founder and CEO Chris Dawe. He has hinted at some exciting announcements prepared for this event.


The option to cash out into fiat currency is entering the closed alpha phase on Upland. 

The team announced the feature earlier this year, in partnership with Tilia, a subsidiary of the makers of Second Life.

Another milestone was reached with the opening of the City Hall.

This new building will provide the following offerings:

  • Registration for the Fiat Out Beta trial
  • Uplanders can upgrade to the Executive Status and order custom 3D model properties, which can then be placed on one of your properties as a special type of NFT
  • Directors Level Uplanders can order custom block explorers at City Hall

And soon more services will be available at City Hall, including registering for business licenses.

The Upland Community is moving full steam ahead into a metaverse of tradable NFTs, and to share the excitement we want to highlight a fun activity by Upland Fan Art and Upland Uncovered. They’re having a special NFT giveaway! But you only have until Wednesday, September 30th to submit an Uplift Fan Art Piece to the pool to participate – so jump on it!.

It keeps getting busy in Upland and we love it!

ETH Bridge LiquidApps Weekend Recap

Yves La Rose joined Zack Gall on DAPP Talk this week to recap the ETH Bridge LiquidApps Weekend and discuss some issues important to the DAPP community.

Topics included:

  • Collateral: Who puts it up? How much of it is needed?
  • How do we incentivize DPS to run bridges?
  • Call to action for the community to organise and discuss these topics!

Don’t forget to apply for Bounty Grants!

Organic Community Market Updates

The EOS based Organic Community Market is making good progress. They’ve just launched a brand-new website for you to visit, introduced a new membership model, and announced a new partnership with Artisana Organics.

The new membership model has every new member starting with 100 OCM tokens, and additional tokens can be earned through purchases and referrals.

It’s a good strategy to build a sustainable community around organic foods, as this concept is all about sourcing quality foods, resulting in recurring purchases.

EOS Nation is a top Block Producer on the EOS public network. We earn inflation rewards based on the percentage of tokens staked towards us. Those rewards are reinvested into EOSIO community, tools, and infrastructure. Help grow the ecosystem by staking your vote to eosnationftw for BP or proxying to proxy4nation

Remember, we never accept compensation in exchange for featuring projects in the EOS Hot Sauce. That means if a project is included in the EOS Hot Sauce it’s because we believe that project brings value to the EOSIO ecosystem and we want our community to know about it!

Are you building an interesting project on EOSIO? We want to hear from you! Reach out to us on social media or email info@eosnation.io. 

Thank you for supporting EOS Nation and for reading this week’s edition of EOS Hot Sauce! Want more spicy updates? Check out some of our recent EOS Hot Sauce episodes!

EOS Nation’s Position on B1’s vesting tokens

Regarding B1’s sale of their unvested EOS to Helios, EOS Nation supports the term sheet prepared by the EOS Network Foundation (ENF) on behalf of the EOS Network.  We appreciate B1’s commitment to return the remaining portion of their unvested tokens to the network, but do not believe it addresses the 37 million unvested EOS

Read More »

Art Cologne Drop

The .gems team is proud to announce yet another cooperation that brings more fine art NFTs to the WAX ecosystem. In partnership with Provinz Editionen, leading publishers of contemporary fine art editions and multiples, we’ve launched provinz.digital.

Read More »

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