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The Greatest EOS Podcast Ever Producer

Hold onto your hats and your stacks ladies and gentlemen because EOS is about to embark on a wild ride! Yesterday’s Everything EOS episode has already earned the title of the Greatest Ever EOS Podcast and is potentially going down in EOS history as one of the greatest early indicators of an upcoming EOS bull run.

Not only were all of the spiciest EOS topics discussed, but the show brought together a diverse panel of guests that chatted away for nearly 3 hours, sharing their opinions and  wild predictions. Great insights were shared with some hilarious one-liners thrown in there from time to time for good measure. Overall it was a fantastic show and a really enjoyable watch that had us laughing out loud more than once! If you’re currently interested in EOS you HAVE to watch this episode. It’s the best one ever made.

The excellent panel consisted of:

  • Zack Gall, host of the Everything EOS podcast
  • Chaney Moore, EOSWriter
  • MaxShill, EOSWriter
  • Yves La Rose, CEO of EOS Nation

We won’t be able to recap all the topics mentioned in the show but we did want to share and highlight 2 particular solid quotes from Yves La Rose.  We hope these quotes motivate you to watch the entire episode.

“The vision of EOS from Dan and Brandon, as I understand it, especially Brendan who’s been mentioning this for a very long time now, is that EOS is going to essentially be the spreadsheet of the internet. It’s going to be this tech stack powering the decentralized databases of the future. We’re at a point right now where EOS is very strong and capable of handling many, many transactions and so a lot of information. We have reached a tipping point where people who wanted to do ambitious things on EOS are now capable of doing those things on EOS. We are there now. We were not there six months ago. We were not there last year. It’s where we now are where I believe we need to be based on the requirements of certain people or certain enterprises. 

We are now capable of handling all of that demand and I can say so with confidence because we’re the block producer running the architecture. We have completely redesigned the architecture over the last six months, from the grounds up, including how block producers connect with each other. We’re able to stream and index all of the information EOS produces which is currently around 15 to 20 gigabytes per day. We’re capable of handling this, we’re capable of scaling this and it all plays together in the direction that we’re heading.

One of the big things that we’ve been lacking in EOS is capital but we’re starting to see the beginnings of a shift. It is very significant that Block.one could potentially deploy capital on EOS, even if it remains theirs. Now, this idea of Block.one deploying capital does not mean that you’re getting some Bitcoin. However, if I was able to send my Bitcoin into a pool and collateralize it on EOS that asset can become a very useful token. I’d be able to unlock even more value from my Bitcoin through EOS! This is huge and very significant. However, very few people are able to offer this credibly. You would need a very trusted entity that can also provide tons of liquidity. Well, EOS has that with Block.one. You would then need a network that is trusted so that you know that even the person who is the owner of the contract no longer has access to the contract [when keys are nulled]. You would also need a network that has enough value in it and that’s where EOS’s liquidity and market cap comes into play. EOS has enough value in it to be secure enough that it can’t be overtaken by an external party. We’ve got all of that in EOS and this is what I believe Brandon was saying when he posted that “EOS is now ready for prime time” and that the EOS the mainnet is the only network that is ready for prime time with all of these pieces playing together.”

 – Yves La Rose, CEO of EOS Nation, #1 block producer

Blockchain Heroes Take Over WAX

This week was the exciting launch of the popular new collectible NFT brand, Blockchain Heroes. And just 5 days after launch the team surprised the community with an event! A great card-burning mechanism for Blockchain Heroes cards was revealed in this week’s regular Blockchain Heroes Community Meeting,which generated an amazing buzz in the community. Supported by beautiful lore, the event requires 200 collectors to each sacrifice 100 commons in order to exchange them for new Legendary Arcane NFTs! Places are limited to 200 and the event is already oversubscribed, but you can still sign up to join the waitlist. The impact of the news of this event on the secondary markets was swift and we’ve seen the price of common cards surge from 5 WAX to 15 WAX at time of writing. It’s clear that many collectors are rushing to accumulate their 100 sacrificial heroes to be ready for when the card burning event takes place on Wednesday at 12pm ET..

We also got to learn of some amazing statistics this week. The launch of Blockchain Heroes was so popular that we saw trading volume surge to over 1M WAXP on the Atomic Market. The launch was such a great success that the WAX Cloud Wallet couldn’t keep up with the massive traffic and became temporarily unavailable. Blockchain heroes sent 25X more traffic than the WAX Cloud Wallet had ever seen! Those are incredible statistics all around!

We reached out to one of the creators, Joel Comm, for his thoughts on the brand that his team has built so far. Here’s what he had to say when asked if they had any more surprises planned: “We don’t know how long the legs are for this IP but we plan on continuing. We think we have something special.” We think so too Joel! Let’s go Blockchain Heroes!

Published on August 11, DappRadar’s Collectibles and Marketplace Report for July 2020 highlighted some of the early successes that NFT collections have seen on WAX.  The numbers are impressive, even if they don’t include the recent Blockchain Heroes launch! By going over to DappRadar’s Top Decentralized Marketplaces, we can see the absolute dominance that WAX currently has over the entire blockchain space. Atomic Market, Myth.Market and Collectables.io occupy the #1, #2 and #3 spots in the rankings. Congrats and thank you to all our WAX NFT marketplaces! They are a big reason why trading and collecting NFTs on WAX is so much fun!


Most NFT collectors use the WAX Cloud Wallet to manage their collections and we’re happy to report that the WCW now supports NFTs launched on Atomic Assets, such as Blockchain Heroes! They also added better navigation options to directly reach these popular secondary trading markets while the new Moonpay integration allows users to easily purchase some WAX tokens from their credit card. It’s all coming together so nicely!

If you’re new to the NFT collecting space, the WAX team recently published a great NFT guide for beginners. It covers topics such as:

  • What is an NFT?
  • What are some examples of NFTs?
  • What can I do with NFTs?
  • How do I get NFTs?
  • How do I buy NFTs on WAX?

Did you miss your chance to join the Blockchain Heroes launch? Don’t worry, we have what is surely to be another amazing NFT brand launching on WAX this week. KOGs, or Keys to Other Games, is going on sale on August 18th. As implied by the name, these NFTs will be able to be used in various games built by the KOGs team! Learn all about this project in their “KOGs on WAX – A Quick Introduction” article, which explains what KOGs is and their vision for the games. For example, all games will have 3 modes that you can play: for keeps, for fun, and tournaments. We can’t wait to start slamming some KOGs on the blockchain! 😄


WAX is not only popular as an NFT platform, but also as a gaming platform and this week we saw a beautiful trailer for the upcoming release of HodlGod, which is now on the Unreal Engine! Get ready for some live-action gameplay and make sure to check out the trailer for some pre-alpha gameplay, and the announcement article for more details about the game mechanics! 🔥

Ultra Ramping Up For Prime Time

With the code for the Ultra protocol finalized and BP teams preparing for public testing, Ultra’s PR department has been ramping up and published an article recently explaining the different features that Ultra has to offer.

Since Ultra is made for the mainstream, one of the core design principles is user-friendliness. So in order to abstract away the complexities of the EOSIO resources CPU and NET, they introduced Ultra Power. With this new approach, 100% of the network resources are pooled and made available when a user needs them, as opposed to expecting users to reserve resources via staking just in case they might need them.

Staking UOS tokens for Ultra Power simply creates a priority ranking based on the user’s Ultra Power quota, meaning that “the more Ultra Power one has, the faster one’s transaction gets executed.”

Effectively unused resources are made available for those that need them when they need them.

Further details of this model are:

  • Every new Ultra user account starts with an Ultra power quota of 0.
  • Anyone can stake UOS to get Ultra power.
  • Making transactions on the blockchain spends some of that Ultra Power.
  • Ultra power quota resets every 24H.

Besides making the usage of resources more comprehensible, this model presents a potential solution to avoid abuse and creates a reliable environment for power users, while at the same time giving average users the freedom to decide on a daily basis how much Ultra Power they need. 

In other Ultra news, we’re happy to report that the EOS Top 21 BP EOSeoul was announced as a new Block Producer for Ultra and will join Ubisoft, Bitfinex and EOS Rio for the launch of Ultra’s public testnet.

Ultra is definitely an interesting project to follow and if you need to need a quick introduction to catch up, this recent article on The Daily Chain might be helpful.

DeFi on EOS: EOSDT Volume ATH, BOX DAO launch, Swap Mining and EOSOptions Quote Pit Operators

DeFi, liquidity pools, swap mining, yield farming and governance tokens are all the rage in the crypto space right now. What some people don’t yet realize is that all of these things that you can do on ETH you can also do on EOS and you don’t have to worry about paying $10-100+ in fees for transactions that might not even go through! Today we’ll cover updates from Equilibrium, EOSOptions and DeFi BOX.

First up we have a nice update from the Equilibrium team sharing that the EOSDT volume surged to over $10M USD in its 24h trading volume on August 10th. That’s impressive and also an all-time high! Congrats to the team on this reaching this great milestone.

EOSOptions has also shared some more information that will be of great interest to potential Quote Pit operators such as “digital signature services providers or digital wallet providers” or “individuals or entities that have built an EOS based community.” A multi-week auction (currency: DAPP) will be held for early registration rights to prospective QP owners and LPs. 

Defibox has also been busy this week, adding lots of functionality to their platform. All of the recent updates from the project can be found on the Defibox Center homepage, such as the introduction of transaction mining (swap-mining) and the BOX DAO. Holders of the BOX governance token are now able to decide on the future development of the platform and three proposals have already been put up for vote. The proposal to increase the USN market-making mining weight to 2.0 was approved and the 2 others are set to finish on the 15th and 16th of August.

And remember, return on investment is impossible without risk. Yield farmers take on substantial smart-contract risk in exchange for earning that platform’s governance token. If the platform is successful and the governance token accrues significant value, the yield for the farmers can be quite significant. If, on the other hand, the smart-contracts have an unidentified bug or vulnerability, you could end up losing all your farming capital in exchange for a worthless piece of yam. Farmers beware.


We had the chance to learn more about PUML in the latest episode of #Built on EOSIO

PUML is a fitness app that encourages users to stay fit and healthy, featuring an integrated reward program running on the EOS mainnet. Currently in public beta, the application was one of the EOSIO grant recipients. PUML tokens can be earned by finishing challenges or just by watching educational videos.

PUML Co-Founder, Co-CEO, and CTO Damien King shared that they’re working on integration with Strava, a popular app to track running or cycling. 

He also hinted that PUML might be releasing their own fitness devices at some point.

PUML’s reward system was originally built on the ERC-20 standard, but they made the switch to EOSIO for its superior performance after meeting an EOSIO Hackathon finalist and doingsome research.

King said:“For application developers like us, we need something that everyone can use, that’s fast and responsive. We honestly think EOSIO is the best solution for us and we’re fully committed to it.”

Being busy in the digital world, it’s easy to forget the importance of regular physical exercise – an experience that King is familiar with as a developer for 20 years, and one that inspired him to create PUML. We loved to hear his story, as it showcases the potential of software developers to create tools that can improve our lifestyle.

With an interesting concept branded Return on Activity (ROA), PUML brings innovation to a booming industry and King seems confident that they can reach their ambitious goals. “We want to be the number one rewards app so that whatever gym you go to, or whatever class you do, you’re always getting our token. So it can be used and redeemed across all sorts of retail and fitness centers and corporate wellness providers. There is no global fitness currency or rewards system right now, so that’s where we’d love to be.”

PUML is already available as an iOS app worldwide and on Android in Australia.


The Return of the Emanate & mau5trap Remix Competition

Emanate’s first remix competition in cooperation with EDM Superstar Deadmau5 was a great success that attracted lots of new talent to Emanate. And we’re happy to report that this dream team is back for another one.

This time the Emanate Horde will compete to produce the best possible remix for Bentley Dean’s smashing Electro House track, “Inside my Mind Feat. Tori Letzler,” and the remix stems are already available for download. You’ll have until the 10th of September to submit your remix for a chance to win some interesting prizes. Check for details in Emanate’s official announcement or check out the banging trailer.

To get in the mood, check out these follow up interviews with the Top Remixers of the previous competition Laminar and Kade Spear and NeoPhoenix.

It’s really great to see how the Emanate team is growing their community.

DAPP Network's Data Revolution

In another wonderfully crafted article, LiquidApps explains their vision for the future of data sharing and how they are building the DAPP Network to be a solution to the challenges that we face as we try to build our decentralized data future. Starting with a commentary on the strengths, weaknesses and opportunities that can be found in decentralized data, the team discusses data sourcing (oracles), data storage (IPFS) and data aggregation.

By using the DAPP Network, projects can take advantage of staking-based incentive mechanisms, cross-chain compatibility, and a flexible use of services in a plug-and-play fashion. The article concludes with an overview of the DAPP Network’s data stack, which includes a data sourcing layer and a data storage layer. 


CryptoLocally users can now purchase Crypto instantly via credit card, making P2P trading of Crypto Currencies even easier in the EOSIO community and beyond. 

Just last month they added Google Pay, Skrill, Paytm, and Western Union to their already impressive list of payment options. And did you know that they launched their very own GIV token, which you can earn just by using the platform? The GIV token can be used for discounts and other special features.

Have you tried out Crypto Locally yet? What was your experience? Let us know in the comments.

Everipedia's Best Page of the Week: xNation

What a nice surprise to see that Everipedia’s Best Page of the Week was created for xNation, our very own #DeFi Product for user Liquidity pools. 

Congratulations to @sarcricstic who won the contest. Check out the great introduction he wrote about xNation or share it with your friends, as an example of DeFi on EOS.

Everipedia has all the information that you need. But if you find something missing, why not create a page there and maybe win the contest next week?

Everipedia’s recent shift towards DeFi is also well reflected in their weekly digest newsletter, which became a great resource to learn about all the latest from the world of DeFi.

Everipedia’s very own PredIQt also made it to the news again as it was featured on DeFi Rev.

Upland Invites you to New York City!

The Upland Game has been climbing up rankings constantly and it slowly but surely became one of the most prominent games on the EOS mainnet. With thousands of Uplanders and over 50,000 NFT properties minted on the EOS mainnet, Upland is entering the era of growth. Soon the game will expand to the city of New York, starting with several areas in Manhattan available for purchase. In the wake of this development,air travel to connect both cities also seems to be ready to go.

To ensure a fair chance for new members to succeed in the game, the team introduced the Fair Start Act, a collection of policies that comes with a tier system that is connected to specific purchasing rights. So if you wanted to join Upland, now is a good time.

The Upland community is also starting to embrace the creative energy of NFTs with their first SF Art Walk and the upcoming NFT Gateway to upload external NFTs to be showcased within Upland, so that Uplanders can open ‘NFT Galleries’ as businesses.

We definitely like the sound of that.

3rd Online EOSIO Swiss Workshop

Patrick Bernard Schmid, our passionate EOS Nation Ambassador from Switzerland, will be hosting his 3rd online EOSIO Swiss Workshop of the year. Scheduled for August 23rd at 15:30 UTC, this workshop is entitled “The Rise of the Gateways & Development Ecosystem.” 

The workshop includes interviews with 3 prominent guests in the EOS space such as CEO of EOS Nation Yves La Rose, CEO of LiquidApps Beni Hakak, and CEO of WordProof Sebastiaan van der Lans. Registration for the event is free and Patrick also compiled a video preview for those who are interested.


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Thank you for supporting EOS Nation and for reading this week’s edition of EOS Hot Sauce! Want more spicy updates? Check out some of our recent EOS Hot Sauce episodes!

Ocean Defenders NFT Launch

In the spirit of the emerging SOLARPUNK movement, The Ocean Defenders are determined to build a platform for a synergistic lifestyle. Here we come together to use our individual powers to preserve the cradle of life, our oceans.

Everyone can become an Ocean Defender, each in their own individual way. We welcome you.

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Heidi Taillefert presents: Vintage Valentines

The Vintage Valentine series was conceived to mimic turn of the century valentine’s day cards, reflecting an era when society pretended to hide the more salacious habits of so many people during that time. On top of the physical pieces, this collection also features digital copies, published as Vintage Valentine Card NFTs on the carbon-neutral WAX blockchain.

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