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The Writer Company joins Voice

This week Voice was pleased to welcome The Writer Company, a group of writers who focus on the intersection of cryptocurrency, technology, and society, to the Voice platform.

Cryptowriter is one of the first formal communities on Voice. Rabecca Chung, product manager at Voice, shared some thoughts about creating communities on Voice. “In the spirit of Voice, we’re moving quickly to build the platform you deserve – and that starts with onboarding a great group of writers into our mix.”

Many of you are already familiar with Cryptowriter as they started under the EOSwriter brand over a year ago.

“After launching eoswriter.io it didn’t take long to realize the power of community-driven publications. We’ve always felt that the major crypto news publications were outsiders looking in, and their reporters never fully understood some of the nuances of what they were reporting on. So over the last year, Sean and I have worked to find a way to expand beyond EOSwriter, and empower community experts from different crypto communities with the freedom to share their big ideas and write about the things they’re passionate about. We want Cryptowriter on Voice to provide readers with a colorful experience, different from the majority of “stuffy” crypto publications in existence, and we’ve recruited an incredibly talented community of writers to provide just that. With Cryptowriter we want to create an atmosphere suited for building bridges between communities, instead of putting up walls.”, Kenny Lienhard, CEO The Writer Company.

Initially, Cryptowriter will feature and develop five sub-communities each with its own community manager who will act as gatekeeper, responsible for guiding community content output and growth:

  • Cryptowriter (news, top community content, big ideas, weekly features covering popular topics like DeFi, NFTs, TA, etc.)
  • BTCwriter (Bitcoin news, community insights)
  • EOSwriter (EOS news, community insights)
  • ETHwriter (Ethereum news, community insights)
  • Cryptopopcorn (humor, edgy)

“In the wash of unexceptional, stuffy, and forced content that floods the majority of crypto media outlets, Cryptowriter shifts the tide by empowering community experts with the freedom to share their remarkable work and biggest ideas. By combining quick-hitting news with a colorful collection of thought-provoking content, Cryptowriter looks to provide a compelling experience that will not only keep readers informed, but will expand their minds in the process,” The Writer Company said in their Letter from the Co-Founders.

For a taste of what might be to come, here are a few writers who have made their debut.

And how about Max Ferlatte, aka MaxShill’s, first introduction of Cryptopopcorn? With headings like “Proven Fact : EOS will surpass 10 trillion market cap by 2030,” and “Best Blockchain Tech in the History of the Human Race,” there’s no doubt, as the article thumbnail proclaims, that “MAX IS RIGHT! Dont Think. Just believe.” Check out the appropriately titled article EOS 10+ Trillion Market Cap by 2030 Confirmed for some light humoured fun.

As the Voice community features are yet to be complete, follow the Cryptowriter on Twitter to ensure you don’t miss any posts. And if you’re interested in contributing, register to become a Crytowriter.

Want to learn more about Voice and how you can get involved? Check out “What’s Up?”, a series of posts explaining how the various product elements of Voice work. In the series, they’ll “cover a variety of topics, including features that are already live and those to come in months ahead,” and invite you to leave questions or feedback in the comments. Last week’s post covered Voice News Feeds. This week’s edition is all about the Voice It feature, one of our personal favourites. Using the Top Voice and Top Comment, you can direct readers to your profile or content that you would like to showcase. Most importantly, the feature gives you the ability to earn curator rewards. 

For those looking for a quick summary, here it goes:

Voice It earnings

To become Top Voice, you compete in the Voice It bidding process. In each round of Voice It, the amount of the next bid increases by about 30%.

There are two types of earnings currently associated with Voice It:

  • Creator earnings are the Voice Tokens authors receive when someone Voices It on their post. 
  • Curator earnings are the Voice Tokens curators receive when they have been outvoiced. 

The first time a post is Voiced, 100% of the Voice It amount (that is, 1 Voice token) goes to the author of the post. When there’s a new Top Voice, the previous Top Voice is refunded 100% of their Voice It amount. The rest is divided as follows:

  • A third goes to the post author.
  • A third goes to the previous Top Voice.
  • The remainder is burned (that is, taken out of circulation).

Go and check out the article for an in-depth run-down on the feature.

We also wanted to take this opportunity to inform you that our very own Daniel Keyes, COO at EOS Nation, was fortunate enough to get access to Voice this week and is looking forward to test out the platform extensively! Word of caution from Daniel “The selfie you take during the registration process to verify you’re a human is also used as your profile picture – and there’s currently no way to change it. Be prepared!” Go and give Daniel some love by following @keyes on Voice.

But the ability to edit your profile picture is coming by the end of August, according to Voice CEO, Salah Zalatimo. They’re building a feature that ensures profile pictures match the identity of the verified user picture provided at signup. We’re looking forward to that – hopefully just in time for the expansion of the platform to new users on August 15. That’s when Voice will open up the ability to invite your friends to join Voice, which is currently only available to users who’ve been invited by the Voice team. 

Block.one makes big moves on mainnet

Block.one made some big moves with their B1 EOS account on Thursday. They’ve created a new account, sub2.b1, and proxied 85.7M EOS to it, making it the single largest active proxy.

Block.one shared their voting philosophy as such: “Block.one believes engagement, transparency and open discussion are essential to ensuring the success of any public blockchain. We are proud to belong to an open source community that thrives on the sharing of information, as well as the advocacy, innovation and action of its individual members. As an EOS token holder, we are working to ensure maximum network security and constructive participation among network participants. As we engage with community members, our voting approach will evolve, and criteria will be added to ensure that the recipients of our votes adhere to the standards we wish to see network wide, so that we may ultimately contribute to smooth and successful network operations far into the future.”

What could this mean? Kevin Rose, SVP Public Blockchain Engagement at Block.one, had this to say: “this is a preparatory step for our voting policy to evolve.”

EOS Nation is looking forward to helping Block.one achieve its proxy stated motto of “Fostering open, organized and decentralized network operation,” as this closely aligns with our mission, “to secure the EOS blockchain with reliable performant infrastructure and to build a global community equipped with the tools and resources to thrive.”

The whole ball of WAX

Brace yourself for a ton of WAX News. 

The highlight of the week was definitely the highly anticipated release of the William Shatner NFT trading cards, and as expected the sale was once again a big successMega Packs Sold out in just 3 minutes, followed by the Standard Packs in 9 minutes.

The William Shatner NFTs are a collection of never-before-seen photographs by the legendary actor known best for his role as Star Trek’s original Captain Kirk, showing him in different stages of his career. 

The cards come in different rarities and you’ll find a couple of sentences written by Shatner himself on the back of each one. There are also golden tickets and special cards that can be redeemed for physical items such as action figures.

We’re happy that Shatner chose WAX to launch his very first NFT series, as it introduced many of his fans to the ecosystem. Check out this interview, where he talks about his reasons to beam his memorabilia up to the blockchain and how he got involved with WAX.

The William Shatner NFTs introduced a completely new gamification aspect to digital trading cards – some card packs include shards that needed to be combined with other shards to craft full cards. And since cards are minted at the time they’re crafted, and earlier mint cards generally trade for higher prices than later mints, this neat little game element caused a lot of activity on the secondary markets and in the in the WAX x Shatner Telegram Chat. People discussed their trading strategies, showed off their crafted gems, and exchanged offers to complete their sets. Anyone who wants to relive the craze can check out the most recent NFT Live episode.

The continued series of successful NFT sales and smart cross-promotion dynamics are causing a steep rise of activity on the WAX network, which handles the traffic without complications thanks to the underlying EOSIO technology. NFT Nerds can enjoy trading their precious collectibles freely without thinking about annoying transaction fees.

No wonder WAX NFT Marketplaces are taking up 3 of the Top 5 Spots on the latest NFT marketplace rankings by Dapp Radar. Meanwhile, new marketplaces like. Myth are joining the party this week, while existing platforms continue to improve their services, as Simple Assets did with the new Author Ram Payer Solution.

Rest assured, there won’t be a shortage of new and interesting NFTs to trade on these marketplaces – there are lots of releases in the pipeline.One of them is KOGs on WAX, a digital homage to the highly popular ‘90s game POGs, which will be more than just collectibles. These NFTs will come with fun game mechanics and a whole ecosystem of games will be built around them over time. The first series will contain 100 KOGs that consist of10 sets with 10 designs each, and 12 different slammers. And each design will come with different rarities. KOGs will be sold in random packs, which can be purchased with credit cards or WAX tokens.

KOGs on WAX is developed by RedFOX Labs. Check out a great interview with CEO and Co-Founder Ben Fairbank on the Anyobservations Youtube Channel to learn more about their plans. Let us know in the comments if you’re down for a game of KOGs and make sure to sign up early for a chance to win 1 of 25 limited edition KOGs. 

Speaking of WAX games, we were surprised by an impressive trailer of Alien Worlds, a digital item game metaverse set to launch on WAX soon. We reached out to the team and got the following exclusive quote: “We saw WAX as this great platform and wanted to do something huge that had never been done on Blockchain. So we are building whole virtual planets and making everything on them NFTs. We are having mining so people can earn and other stuff like battling and shining to keep up peoples’ interest. We have great plans for where this is going and other features .. come and take a look … we’re going to be revealing new stuff regularly.”


Players of Alien Worlds can earn the in-game currency,Trilium, and rare NFTs by mining, fighting, voting, and participating in other games. These assets can be used throughout the ecosystem and grow their influence. Alien Worlds consists of an extensible number of planets and each planet can set its own parameters and resource strategy, and even have its own games and user interface. Planets can also be run as communities with their own government using the power of staked Trilium.

Alien Worlds is brought to us by Dacoco, and you can learn more about their innovative NFT dynamics in their interview with Anyobservation on YouTube. Join the Alien Worlds Telegram channel to keep up to date.

In other WAX news, we’re happy to report that Elan Lee, CEO at Exploding Kittens, joined the WAX Advisory Council this week. Over the past few weeks, WAX has attracted a very interesting group of advisors, and we’re excited about the results coming from this great initiative.

Last but not least, we have some announcements for our very own WAX Stacks League: Race for Rares. As usual, we’ll drop a bunch of NFTs in the live chat of the YouTube Premiere of the EOS Hot Sauce video, but this week’s episode will premiere on Monday at 3pm Eastern time instead of our usual Sunday noon broadcast. Your best bet to get your shot at some Spicy NFTs is to subscribe to our channel and hit the bell to get notified and never miss a premiere. So make sure to mark your calendars, tell your friends, and join us to compete in the WAX Stacks League: Race for Rares. 

As we’re building out this game, we’ll announce some additional EOS Nation NFT rewards and also will give away some 3rd party NFTs. Don’t miss out – make sure to register to be eligible to participate if you haven’t yet! 🔥🌶

EOS DeFi so hot right now

It was another hot week for DeFi on EOS.

Last week we shared an overview of the state of DeFi on EOS and highlighted the various advantages that EOSIO has to offer compared to other platforms. And Block.one CEO Brendan Blumer brought much attention to the huge potential of EOS-based Defi in a Twitter thread

Let’s take a look at the EOS DeFi News from this week.

While the development of EOSOptions, an EOSIO based decentralized derivatives trading platform, is still ongoing and the software is currently being tested on the Kylin Testnet, the team introduced an innovative market microstructure and a negative fee model to realign incentives for the broker, liquidity providers, and traders. 

What’s a negative fee model? Sounds almost too good to be true.

Well it’s positive for the end-user, as they’re rewarded proportionally to their trading volume instead of paying fees. These rewards are paid from a community fund, which is accumulating fees paid by the liquidity providers.

We also learned details about how EOSOptions plans to make use of the DAPP Network and its services in the updated EOSOptions whitepaper.

The newest kid on the EOS Defi Block is Defibox, a one-stop DeFi application platform. As a first feature, the Swap Market-making Mining just went live and is allowing users to mine BOX tokens by providing liquidity for token swaps. Feel free to join the Defibox Telegram Chat to learn more.

The Defibox Foundation is funded by Newdex, a DeFi OG in the EOSIO Ecosystem. Stakers of the Newdex native NDX token will have the chance to claim BOX tokens as part of their VIP privileges. Newdex also changed the operation rules for the Newdex Seed Fund, which effectively results in more tokens being airdropped to NDX token holders.  

Are you a DeFi Builder? If the answer is yes, make sure to reach out to the Everipedia Team, so you can potentially secure some funding from the IQ Fund, which has 500,000,000 IQ (~$1,000,000 USD) reserved for developers and nascent EOS-based DeFi projects. Besides giving out bounties for developers, the goal of the IQ Fund is to act as a “DeFi Incubator for EOS Projects,” and along these lines, the team plans to host events and educational programs around DeFi.

Another great way to get involved in the EOS DeFi space early is to join the Vigor team in the testing of their app, which has just been updated with the newest smart contract version on the jungle testnet. Find instructions in a detailed guide and start testing with an unlimited supply of Jungle EOS tokens. You’ll be a pro in no time and ready to go once Vigor launches on mainnet. The VIG and VIGOR tokens also just went live on PizzaLend.

We love to see how different DeFi related projects are starting to cooperate to bring DeFi on EOS forward.

Two million accounts on EOS!

Let’s have a round of applause for the EOS Mainnet for crossing the 2 Million Accounts mark with ease. And a special shout out to all the wallet providers that created innovative solutions for account creation.You know who you are. 

After 2 years of building, the EOS community is far ahead in the adoption game compared to other 3rd generation smart contract platforms – and we have the numbers to prove it.

The future of EOS is bright! 🥳

Galaxy EOS VC Fund invests in Polyarc

Polyarc announced the close of its $9 million Series B fund and Galaxy EOS VC Fund was named as one of the investing parties. Polyarc is known for Moss, one of the top-rated virtual reality (VR) games of all time, and with the new investment the company will also add augmented reality (AR) to the studio’s core business competencies. Block.one’s Serg Metin took the opportunity to highlight the huge benefits that EOSIO technology has to offer to game developers that plan to tap into blockchain gaming.

Virginia Tech Blockchain Challenge Winners

Block.one introduced the winning teams of Virginia Tech’s Blockchain Challenge Spring 2020 competition, along with their blockchain-based solutions to improve life on the Virginia Tech Campus. 

Virginia Tech’s Department of Computer Science hosted the Blockchain Challenge Spring 2020 competition earlier this year. And Block.one supported competing teams with mentorship and sponsored scholarship prizes worth a total of $25,000 USD.

Congratulations go out to The Goblins, winning the Grand Prize with their EOSIO-based ticketing system, Hokie Tickets. Second runner-up was Block.two, and an honorable mention goes to SLim’s Crew Electric Boogaloo.

Block.one’s initiatives to foster young developer talent in cooperation with Virginia Tech are much needed, as blockchain developers are in high demand in this rapidly growing market.It was main topic in an expert panel on Development on Blockchain (Roles, Future and Careers) presented by BlockDriven Academy. Ian Holsman, VP of Software Engineering at Block.one, was invited as a speaker and representative for the EOSIO Community.

Ultra is ready for testing

The development of Ultra’s gaming-focused EOSIO-based protocol is finished and ready for  real-world testing through a Public Testnet.

Congratulations to the team for reaching this major milestone after 2 years of hard work.

They also shared some juicy details about why they chose EOSIO over other protocols, what changes they made to the codebase to create Ultra, and what gamers can expect from their platform. 

“A platform like Ultra Games shouldn‘t cater only to techies. It should be accessible to users who can’t deal with complicated stuff, including kids.” – David Hanson, Ultra Co-CEO.

Here are some of the features that Ultra has to offer:

  • A free user account creation strategy
  • Simplified resource management
  • Transaction execution priority for corporations and businesses regardless of the network state
  • An easy decentralized non-custodial key recovery mechanism
  • A new RAM marketplace protected from speculators
  • An increased transaction per second throughput
  • A new NFT standard

Fingers crossed that testing will go well and that we can soon welcome a new network to the EOSIO family.

The Organic Community Market is giving away organic superfoods

Do you want to win some organic superfoods?

Organic Community Market (OCM) started a new promo campaign and you can win some nice food baskets by spreading the word. Plus you get to promote a good cause and an interesting project on EOS.

The OCM connects organic producers and consumers and rewards members with each purchase.

Check out their offers.

Start earning Newcoin on Newlife

With the latest update, the Newlife app integrated a wallet for users to accumulate Newcoin (NWC) for their content and curation contributions. Users can earn by NWC by uploading videos and images, or by evaluating the content of other users via voting. Along with the latest software update, the team also published an interesting article that explains in detail the concept of Newlife’s native currency and how it can be earned.

Newlife is one of the most popular applications utilizing the Telos Blockchain and attracts users especially interested in the latest fashion and design trends.The app was also featured on Benzinga as one of “5 Ways Blockchain Is Changing The Way We Use The Internet,” along with some other well-known EOSIO based applications.

UX Network registration opens for WBI holders

Asynq Limited announced the launch of the account creation portal for the UX Network, allowing anyone who held Worbli (WBI) tokens during the July 10 snapshot to register and claim UTX tokens.

The claim period will expire on August 31st, 2020 at 12:00:00 AM UTC.

EOS Nation is a top Block Producer on the EOS public network. We earn inflation rewards based on the percentage of tokens staked towards us. Those rewards are reinvested into EOSIO community, tools, and infrastructure. Help grow the ecosystem by staking your vote to eosnationftw for BP or proxying to proxy4nation

Remember, we never accept compensation in exchange for featuring projects in the EOS Hot Sauce. That means if a project is included in the EOS Hot Sauce it’s because we believe that project brings value to the EOSIO ecosystem and we want our community to know about it!

Are you building an interesting project on EOSIO? We want to hear from you! Reach out to us on social media or email info@eosnation.io. 

Thank you for supporting EOS Nation and for reading this week’s edition of EOS Hot Sauce! Want more spicy updates? Check out some of our recent EOS Hot Sauce episodes!

Ocean Defenders NFT Launch

In the spirit of the emerging SOLARPUNK movement, The Ocean Defenders are determined to build a platform for a synergistic lifestyle. Here we come together to use our individual powers to preserve the cradle of life, our oceans.

Everyone can become an Ocean Defender, each in their own individual way. We welcome you.

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Heidi Taillefert presents: Vintage Valentines

The Vintage Valentine series was conceived to mimic turn of the century valentine’s day cards, reflecting an era when society pretended to hide the more salacious habits of so many people during that time. On top of the physical pieces, this collection also features digital copies, published as Vintage Valentine Card NFTs on the carbon-neutral WAX blockchain.

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