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Block.one: Brendan Blumer Keynote, Northern Data Investment, New Votes, and EOSIO Release Recap

Block.one has been active all across the ecosystem this week – engaging in software development, EOS governance through voting, public relations and education through a keynote address and an HPC data centre focused investment into Northern Data AG

In terms of EOSIO software development, Block.one continues to maintain its high pace of development for EOSIO software releases and this week compiled a list of recent updates that have been applied to previous versions of EOSIO.  

On the governance front, Block.one is now on week 4 of its 6 week rotation of votes.  Congratulations to the following 9 block producers!

  • EOS Lao Mao
  • Block Pool EOS
  • EOS Beijing
  • EOS Silicon Valley
  • GenerEOS
  • EOS Authority
  • EOS Detroit

And the Chinese community was very happy to learn that Brendan Blumer will be participating as a main speaker at the Shenzhen Blockchain Innovation Forum on June 21st. The event features a wide range of topics such as the market for dApps, innovative public chain infrastructure, and blockchain technology solutions for enterprises. EOS and EOSIO Open Source Software surely have a lot to offer in all of these sectors, and we’re happy to have the CEO of Block.one participating in such an event.

Brendan also congratulated the EOS community via Twitter, for successfully defending its #1 spot in the Blockchain Technology Rankings of China’s Center for Information and Industry Development (CCID). EOS has held the top position for 18 consecutive rankings.

Block.one’s EOS VC has made some significant moves last week, with an investment of 21.5 Million EUR into the German company Northern Data AG. Both Companies agreed to cooperate closely to develop a software infrastructure based on EOSIO for Northern Data’s High-Performance Computing (HPC) facilities, which are leading the global market offering customizable hardware and software solutions for machine learning, artificial intelligence, big data analytics, blockchain applications, game streaming and more. The focus of Northern Data AG products lies in sustainable and efficient use of energy resources and they run the world’s largest HPC data centre in Texas, USA.

Northern Data AG was created when the German Northern Bitcoin AG and the US-based Whinstone US, Inc. joined forces. 

We’re happy to see EOSIO being integrated into such core infrastructure, which has great implications for other services building on EOSIO. We’ve already seen synergies through the cooperation of Northern Data AG and Innoplexus, who have also been funded through EOS VC.

Multiple Everipedia (IQ) Listings and Product Update

Everipedia and PredIQT had a lot of good news to share in previous weeks, and their momentum got another boost when Binance, OKex, and Hoo announced the listing of the IQ Token on their exchanges all on the same day.

Being one of the earliest projects building on EOSIO and to receive EOS VC funding, Everipedia is now the first EOS project to get listed on 1st tier exchanges. This gives their project more exposure, credibility, and also liquidity. 

Congratulations to the whole Everipedia+PredIQt Team. Well deserved!

Everipedia Founder and President Sam Kazemian tweeted:

“This is how it should be done #buidl real crypto, real #DeFi. No listing fees, no superficial stuff, REAL respect. We work quietly @Everipedia @PredIQt_Network but make huge waves when it’s time. And there’s a lot more coming!”

This event also showcases the value that larger exchanges involved in the ecosystem can bring to the table. Trading volume on Newdex exceeded 130,000 EOS due to the announcement, shortly before the listing.

For those new to trading Everipedia+PredIQt’s IQ Token, we can recommend a newly published article explaining the IQ Token Distribution.

Let’s take a look at the more technical updates from Everipedia and PredIQt made in the last three months, which the team shared in their Product Update for June 2020.

  • The Spanish, Korean and Chinese Everipedia sites are now just as quick as the English ones
  • Server-Side-Rendering, which makes Everipedia faster than ever and optimized for search engines
  • The leaderboards got an expansion and can now display the top forty editors, voters, and IQ token earners for the day, week, and month
  • The editor was improved with additional explanations, better formatting, bug fixes related to  adding or removing video and images
  • Full page search Improvements through Everipedia’s browser integrations 
  • Improved Scatter and OreID Auth login, so that authentication is seamless

As we mentioned in the previous EOS Hot Sauce, PredIQt will soon introduce a variety of new DeFi functionalities and offerings. Until then users can participate in a Leaderboard Contest, win some IQ and get familiar with the platform.

The Everipedia and PredIQt team are making an excellent case for the usability of EOS and we’re looking forward to seeing the user base of Everipedia and PredIQt grow. The next wave of adoption will be driven more by the users of dApps and less by speculators.

Ultra continues to deliver consistent updates as they get closer to releasing their next generation game distribution platform. Last week they gave us a look into some of the features and innovations they’re currently developing for the Ultra platform and then followed it up this week with the announcement of an important partnership with dfuse.

First here’s a quick overview of the announcement that covers the unique feature-set that Ultra is bringing to the table:

  • The Ultra Store and Client focuses on user experience.
  • The Game Developer Center allows devs to manage game versions, DLCs, permissions and rewards.
  • The Master Center implements a Know Your Business (KYB) policy to safeguard user’s safety and funds.
  • The Token Factory allows easy and flexible in-game token generation for devs.
  • The Ultra Authenticator allows secure transaction signing.
  • The Ultra Wallet enables users to manage UOS tokens and NFTs.
  • The UOS blockchain features some free accounts and a unified RAM market.

As exciting as this list of features may seem, in order to have a meaningful impact on the gaming industry, these innovations need to be built on a performant and ready to scale network. By choosing dfuse as their history solution, Ultra is able to offer a recently open-sourced, battle-tested solution that is production ready and backed by a strong and dedicated team. dfuse is able to meet Ultra’s significant requirements in terms of event streaming, history query/indexing, state streaming and low latency. 

The 2nd Member of the WAX Advisory Council was announced to be Peter DeBenedictis, Microsoft’s Chief Marketing Officer – Middle East & Africa. He’s yet another representative of a prestigious company at the table after Rich Widmann of Google’s addition last week.

As a little welcome gift, the WAX team will also develop a set of custom NFTs for the Microsoft team. 

Peter DeBenedictis shared his excitement to join WAX via Twitter, and those who want to get to know him a bit better can check out this interview

We have no doubt he’ll provide valuable input to WAX and introduce the advantages of WAX to his colleagues at Microsoft.

The WAX Advisory Council not only expands the WAX team’s network and expertise, but also showcases the WAX blockchain solutions to larger companies that are moving more carefully and currently exploring how to integrate blockchain into their existing businesses.

If you’re still wondering “Why Wax?,” Dallas Rushing explained in one of his recent videos.

The USDE collateral-backed stablecoin from the PIZZA DeFi ecosystem can now be used to purchase on-chain PIZZA Leveraged Tokens (PLVTs).

Buying and selling leverage tokens is very risky and anyone considering doing so is encouraged to read the PLVT FAQ, which clearly explains this unique take on leveraged tokens. The naming convention could not be more obvious: you buy the “BTCUP” token if you think the price of Bitcoin will go up, or the “BTCDOWN” token if you think it will go down.

The way the system is designed, buyers of PLVTs are trading against a liquidity pool. Currently, the PIZZA team is the only provider of liquidity but they do plan on opening up the pool to all holders of USDE, which would further decentralize the PIZZA ecosystem.

Interested in acquiring USDE? You can mint some on the PIZZA platform or you can trade them directly on our xNation portal!

We keep talking about the Anchor wallet because Greymass keeps delivering new updates. This week we got treated to a demo of their wallet SDK, Anchor link, covering the cost of transactions with Greymass Fuel!

Check it out for yourself:

The BlockDown 2020 conference hosted an impressive list of speakers and the EOSIO Community was well represented with Sense Chat and Effect.ai.

Chris Dawe, CEO of Effect.ai, was leading as a host through the virtual conference and did a great job introducing representatives of the various projects.

During the conference, Effect.ai and Sense Chat announced a cooperation with the Akoin Project and the Akon City in Senegal, a 6 Billion Dollar Project.

Effect.ai plans to have workplaces and training centres there, whereas Sense Chat will become the go-to messaging service.

We’re excited to see how these cooperations develop.

The Wombat Wallet just finished a week of activities to celebrate their 1 year anniversary where their users were invited to try out all the games that were carefully selected for the Wombat Games Explorer.

ChainZ Arena is one of these games, and it might be a little bit complex to some. But that makes a game potentially more fun, right? 

The Wombat team published a nice tutorial for ChainZ Arena so that interested gamers can easily get started. 

Check out this trailer to get a quick idea of what is waiting for you in the ChainZ Arena.

We’re happy to report that TokenPocket released an integrated user interface for the BOSCore IBC, making it easier for users to execute cross-chain token transactions. 

The BOSCore IBC Hub has been tested extensively by projects such as Karma, Boid and Krown, allowing their token to migrate between 5 different blockchains, including BOS, EOS, TELOS, WAX, and YAS.

In order to gain more adoption of this groundbreaking technology, the BOSCore team published an in-depth overview of the BOSCore IBC, along with a list of advantages and a how-to guide. A highly recommended read for anyone interested in learning more about how a Multi-Chain dApp architecture can look like.

The BOSCore cross-chain initiatives are shaping up nicely, with the goal to enable dApps to maintain their user-base across multiple chains, an essential feature to abstract blockchains away for the end-user.

Playable Worlds recently announced a $10 million Series A funding round led by Galaxy Interactive, through the Galaxy EOS VC Fund in partnership with Block.one.

Playable Worlds is led by CEO Raph Koster, known for designing popular MMO games such as Ultima Online and directing the Star Wars Galaxies game.

With Playable Worlds, his exceptional team aims to build a cloud-based sandbox massively multiplayer online (MMO) game that offers new kinds of gameplay and game experiences in worlds that feel more real and immersive than with previous technologies. 

The investment will allow the team to hire more staff and “push the boundaries of what an online world can be, reinforced by best practices for persistence, engagement, and retention to build a game that lasts.”

Galaxy Interactive Managing Partner, Sam Englebardt was quoted:

“Raph’s vision and demonstrated ability to give players a compelling sandbox for the expression of their digital identities makes him exactly the sort of founder that we look to back.”

Blockchains will be an important element for the fundamental infrastructure for the virtual worlds that ultimately will become the metaverse.

It’s not too late to catch up on the latest dfuse webinar for EOSIO developers that went live on June 18th. The webinar is free, all you need to do is sign up!

NFTs are hot right now, and the Blockchain Heroes will probably further increase the hype by creating NFT Collectibles inspired by the most popular blockchain celebrities. The 50 heroes will be released in five different classes, each correlated to a segment of the blockchain industry. The classes are Creator, Celestial, Defender, Booster, and Champion. And each card will be released in multiple variations and rarities, including common, uncommon, rare, epic, legendary and mythic.

Card Packs will be available for purchase on August 4th, 2020.

A new design is being dropped on their telegram channel every day. You can also inspect all the NFTs already revealed on their Twitter or Instagram.

You’ll need a WAX Wallet to collect and trade the cards. But as we all know, those are the easiest to create across the industry.

We’re looking forward to this new fun set of collectibles and are curious about what kind of superpowers these Blockchain Heroes are going to have.

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