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EOS Nation Announces dfuse Community Edition

EOS Nation is excited to announce our technical partnership with dfuse, the blockchain API company. Following dfuse’s recent announcement of the open-sourcing of the dfuse blockchain data stack, EOS Nation has now announced that it will collaborate with dfuse to launch and host the official dfuse Community Edition for the EOS Mainnet.

dfuse has developed the most advanced open-source blockchain data stack and provides the massively scalable infrastructure used today in hundreds of public and private deployments, including exchanges, trading operations, interactive games, social media platforms, supply chain solutions, and high throughput regulated environments.

The official dfuse Community Edition, running dfuse for EOSIO, will be rate limited to enable the largest number of projects to benefit from the free access. Users can expect the same high level of service and support that EOS Nation offers for all its products. In addition, will now use the APIs hosted by EOS Nation once they are operational. 

Make sure to read our press release for more information regarding the upcoming dfuse Community Edition . 

WAX Advisory Council: Google's Rich Widmann

The first advisor to officially join the WAX Advisory Council was revealed this week as Rich Widmann, product counsel at Google!

The WAX Advisory Council was created to help better align WAX’s roadmap with input from leaders from prestigious global companies, and it doesn’t get more prestigious than Google.

These council advisors will help WAX calibrate their efforts as they attempt to carve out their spot in the mainstream video gaming and entertainment industry. Having industry insiders advise on potential legal or technical roadblocks to adoption is going to be very strategically valuable to WAX moving forward. With even more advisors set to join the council in the coming weeks and months, it’s clear that WAX continues to solidify its reputation as a leader in the blockchain gaming space.

In other WAX news, NFT collectors are gearing up for the next NFT launch called Blockchain Heroes, which features 50 unique superheroes inspired by top influencers, inventors, and content creators.

And finally, the Swedish Blockchain Association is hosting a meetup on June 16th and will be joined by two speakers from the WAX Community. Attend this event and you have a chance to win their surprise giveaway!

Learning EOSIO with Lena & Upcoming Webinars

Following up on her first Learning EOSIO report on the Tic Tac Toe game engine example, Lena Wang is back this week with a new report on the first Webinar.

These reports are a great way for users of all skill levels to get a quick glance at the contents of the webinar. For example, this first webinar serves as a great introduction to many basic concepts of blockchain technology such as:

  • Properties of blockchain
  • Cryptographic hash functions
  • Blocks
  • Consensus explained
  • Historical Challenges of Blockchain Platforms
  • Examples of Blockchain applications using EOSIO
  • EOSIO Developer Community portals

Interested in learning more about these concepts? Check out Lena’s report or watch the entire webinar for free online! webinars’s second webinar will teach participants how to build their first smart contract on EOSIO on June 15th. 

For those interested in a more EOS-centric webinar, we invite you to attend the 2nd online EOSIO Swiss Workshop hosted by EOS Nation Ambassador Patrick Schmid on June 23rd. This free workshop features:

  • dApps review:, Scatter, Sense Chat, Everipedia, WordProof
  • EOS Nation tools overview: Proxy4Nation, xNation, deWeb
  • Hands-on EOSIO example: account creation, querying an EOSIO blockchain through CURL
  • Exclusive interviews with builders in the blockchain ecosystem

IGN's Summer of Gaming: New Blankos Trailer, Gameplay Reveal, Beta Registration Open

This week was the launch of IGN’s Summer of Gaming event and Blankos fans were treated a fun new trailer (included above) and some new exclusive game play footage. Reservations for game accounts are now available, so sign up now and claim your favourite username!

It was really fantastic to see a AAA game featured so prominently in mainstream gaming built on EOSIO technology, which leads us the question on everyone’s mind: “Will Blankos run on the EOS mainnet?”

The answer is one that is becoming very familiar to the EOS community: Blankos will start out on a private EOSIO chain and is looking into strategies to eventually incorporate the EOS mainnet into its product. We found that answer in the “#Blockchain” channel in the Blankos Discord chat.

The Blankos Game is developed by the EOS VC funded company Mythical Games, a team that consists of highly experienced gaming industry veterans, previously involved in the creation of blockbuster games such as Call of Duty. 

With Blankos they are now exploring new features made possible through blockchain, such as true ownership and opportunities to securely trade with high-value collectibles. 

Speaking of collectibles, Mythical Games partnered with selected artists to design all the cute Blankos we can see in the trailer. But there’s also room for creativity for gamers, as they’ll be able to build custom levels within Blankos.

Anyone who wants to learn more about what else is going on with Mythical Games and their strategies to bring blockchain-based gaming to the masses should check out the recent “Let’s DEW Lunch” interview with John Linden, CEO of Mythical Games. is currently on week 3 of a 6-week, 56-team block producer voting rotation. This week’s vote includes:

  1. EOSeoul
  2. EOSflytoMARS
  3. Infinity Stones
  4. Hashfin
  7. EOS Argentina
  8. EOS Titan
  9. EOS42

Congratulations to these nine block producers!

Congratulations to EOS Costa Rica and their app Lifebank for winning the $100,000 USD grand prize in the “Coding for Change” EOSIO hackathon!

One of three competing projects we highlighted in last week’s issue of the Hot Sauce, they were selected from an impressive field that included 900 participants from 92 countries!

“One of the many disruptions caused by social distancing and quarantines has been a sharp decline in blood donations, resulting in blood bank shortages across the globe. To address this issue, winning team Lifebank designed an application that has the potential to provide a lifeline to local communities by creating value exchange between eligible donors, donation centers and sponsors. By leveraging EOSIO blockchain technology, the app enables users to create EOS accounts to manage their entire blood donation process, from validating donors to registering local businesses as sponsors in exchange for receiving a life token.”

The EOS Costa Rica team clarified that Lifebank doesn’t collect any data. The Donation centre is the one who validates that an eligible donation was made. The life token is not monetary – each sponsor decides what value they are willing to give in exchange. It could be anything from a free coffee to 10% off dry cleaning. And the token is non-transferable between donors – it can only be used from a donor account to a sponsor account. It can’t be sold or traded on secondary markets.

The EOS community was pleased to see a new publication from Dan Larimer this week, which defended the high throughput available on the EOS mainnet and preempted a CoinDesk article.

For those that are curious, here’s the CoinDesk article that appeared a day later. At the heart of the disagreement is the fact that CoinDesk is referencing a study that argues that 96% of actions on the EOS network are spam. Dan Larimer’s defense is that it is not up to CoinDesk, or anyone else, to place a judgement on whether or not an action is considered spam. 

At the end of the day, the EOS network is continuously processing more actions and transactions than any other public permissionless network and that is a fact.

As the first operator of deWeb, EOS Nation is happy to see continued activity and new features being added by the deWeb Developers. These features are polls, posts, and upvotes, allowing content creators to further engage with their fans and followers. While the admin of a community can generate income through the allowance, now other community participants can also earn tokens by content curation (Upvoting), or by writing relevant posts. 

The Upvoting mechanism also has a nice gamification aspect to it, as members compete to outbid each other, with the goal to own the top banner of a post. This banner shows the top voting account, a customizable message and can feature an embedded link.

The first upvote costs $0.10 and each progressive upvote costs 30% more than the previous upvote. 

When someone upvotes, the money used to upvote gets divided as follows:

  • The previous upvoter gets back all the money they upvoted with
  • The previous upvoter gets ⅓ of the difference between previous and current upvote
  • Post creators get ⅓ of the difference between previous and current upvote
  • The admin of the community gets ⅓ of the difference between previous and current upvote (minus Developer, Operator and Marketer fee)

Members can find a summary of all their earnings on their page, which can be found when clicking on the 3 dots next to the “Your balance” field.

Censorship resistant social media is in high demand and deWeb is not just providing a platform, but a toolkit to build several interconnected platforms and a robust infrastructure so that content creators don’t need to rely on a single party to build their business.

deWeb makes tokenized content creation as easy as it gets, even for a non-crypto audience.

EOS Nation is excited for the next features coming to the platform and looking forward to the wider adoption of deWeb, which might happen soon, as we learned about some bigger players showing interest.

TAIKAI (大会 – “coopetition” in Japanese Kanji) is a web platform that facilitates the hosting of online hackathons or idea challenges and was recently selected as one of the 34 EOS VC grant recipients. We were happy to learn more about this project in the latest episode of the #BuiltOnEOSIO series. 

The goal of the platform is to attract global talent and foster innovation by providing a framework to host challenges, manage applications and entries, vote, and reward the winners.

The founders decided to integrate a blockchain component to TAIKAI to ensure a transparent and auditable selection process. EOSIO was the obvious choice for its advantages in scalability, cost-efficiency and ease of use.

“For us, it was important that the regular user wouldn’t notice any difference between using our platform and a non-blockchain platform. It wouldn’t be possible to provide such a seamless experience with any other blockchain.”

In its first year since inception the platform already boasts a great track record:

  • 17 innovation challenges by 12 organizations
  • 4000+ participants hosted
  • Approximately 500 open source projects built

TAIKAI built a network with many universities and startups in Portugal, where the team is based, and is part of the “Microsoft for Startups” program.

Companies and Organizations that are choosing TAIKAI will find a collaborative and intuitive environment and can improve the speed, diversity and quality of their solution development thanks to aligned incentives. 

Mário Alves, Founder & CEO of TAIKAI, had some good things to say about the EOSIO community in the interview, as he is impressed by the quality of other projects and he hopes to launch some joint challenges soon.

Read the full interview to learn about how TAIKAI plans to grow, who else is in the team, and why there’s such great potential in online hackathons and remote cooperation.

We published a step-by-step guide this week on how to generate a new EOSIO key pair from within Anchor. Remember to always be careful when generating new key pair – backups are essential.

Always make sure to have 2 copies of your private keys. For example:

  • Private keys saved inside Anchor wallet + private keys written down on a piece of paper
  • Private keys saved inside Anchor wallet + private keys saved in a text file on a encrypted USB drive
  • Private keys saved inside Anchor wallet + Anchor wallet backup file (with strong password) stored on an external storage drive or cloud server. 

While we’re at it, please make sure to review your security practices at least once a year and remember to test your backups as well.


If someone is creating an EOS account for you, you can safely share your PUBLIC keys with them. The powerful accounts and permission structure on EOS allows users to assign 2 different key pairs for their ‘owner’ and ‘active’ permissions, which users should do if they want to follow EOS account security best practices.  Anchor conveniently generates 2 key pairs at once allowing you to share the 2 public keys with the EOS account creator. 

The new account will be controlled by the private keys of these 2 key pairs, which is only known and controlled by the user and not the account creator.

Newdex, our favorite place for decentralized asset trading, shared some interesting news about their strategic investment in the LeafWallet, a lightweight wallet that provides all the necessary functions for users to manage their EOSIO accounts. This partnership could have great implications for the growth of Newdex and bring more liquidity to EOSIO based trading pairs. 

In the announcement, Newdex mentioned that both companies “will strive to bring users a better decentralized trading experience.”

We’re very happy to hear that!

Following some hints in previous interviews with Everipedia’s co-founder and president, Sam Kazemian, Everipedia now officially announced plans to push into the DeFi space with new features for their knowledge market PredIQt, such as synthetic assets (branded as ‘IQ smart assets’), lending+money markets, and leverage.

Exciting news for IQ token holders as all of these new features are governed and settled in IQ, as the central element powering everything that the Everipedia team is building.

Further plans include a cross-chain initiative to capture as much value and market share for Everipedia+PredIQt as possible.

By the way, did you know that PredIQt has more features than its Ethereum-based competitor Augur, even without the new DeFi functions? Not to mention usability and speed.

It’s a good time to get familiar with PredIQt if you haven’t yet, because starting next week the Everipedia team will start a month-long PredIQt Leaderboard Contest, which features an IQ Token giveaway for the top traders and top referrers on a weekly basis.

Stay tuned as Everipedia and PredIQt are cooking up some special spicy stew for you.

The DAPP token was recently listed on the Hoo Exchange with a DAPP/USDT and a DAPP/EOS trading pair. 

And Chintai’s DAPP Leasing market, which we covered in the previous episode of the EOS Hot Sauce, is now live. Interested DAPP token holders can check out the video tutorial covering all the important steps and features.

There’s definitely good momentum building up for LiquidApps as more DSPs are joining the Network and an increasing number of applications are using the services. 

The freshly rebranded DAPP Seals made it their mission to continue this trend by informing the wider crypto community about the amazing tech solutions that LiquidApps has to offer.

Their newest initiative is a caption contest for the LiquidApps Super Heroes. Everybody’s welcome to join and the best submissions get rewarded with some sweet LiquidApps Swag. Wanna join the DAPP Seals Boot Camp? They’re currently recruiting.

In the latest DAPP Talk, we were happy to see Rob Finch back. Listen to what he has to say about the DAPP Network, and learn about his newest project NFT Alert.

Definitely a good episode touching on two of the currently hottest topics in crypto.

The price feed for Equilibrium’s EOSDT stable coin will be generated through the implementation of LiquidApps’ LiquidOracles from now on

This development comes shortly after Equilibrium’s announcement to launch their own DSP to participate in the DAPP Network, where besides LiquidOracles all the other LiquidApps services are offered and settled.

We’re always happy to see how cooperation and partnership is thriving in the EOSIO Ecosystem, especially when it’s such a perfect match.

Alex Melikhov, CEO of Equilibrium was quoted: “Having accurate, reliable price information is extremely important for the EOSDT stablecoin. The system relies on the actual asset prices to do mark-to-market, “bad” debt wipeout, and other operations. With LiquidOracles, we’ve found a solution that is engineered to work seamlessly in any condition and can remain unaffected by congestion or network fees. We look forward to expanding our offering further as DSPs on the DAPP Network.”

The EOSX team has already started implementing feedback they began collecting just last week. 

They’ve added new accounts to the spam filter, improved the pagination of transaction history, and fixed a bug that prevented users from viewing very old transactions.

Meanwhile, the second survey is up, giving participants the chance to win 10 EOS for their efforts once again. 

Go check out the EOSX experience and leave your feedback. 

Last week’s lucky winners were:

  1. zyymfhymfhzy
  2. iwakeaccount
  3. kochengorenz


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Ocean Defenders NFT Launch

In the spirit of the emerging SOLARPUNK movement, The Ocean Defenders are determined to build a platform for a synergistic lifestyle. Here we come together to use our individual powers to preserve the cradle of life, our oceans.

Everyone can become an Ocean Defender, each in their own individual way. We welcome you.

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Heidi Taillefert presents: Vintage Valentines

The Vintage Valentine series was conceived to mimic turn of the century valentine’s day cards, reflecting an era when society pretended to hide the more salacious habits of so many people during that time. On top of the physical pieces, this collection also features digital copies, published as Vintage Valentine Card NFTs on the carbon-neutral WAX blockchain.

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