EOS Hot Sauce #49 – Block.one Hires Former EOS New York Team, 115M+ Actions in 24 Hours on Mainnet, xNation EOS Liquidity Pools and much more!

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Block.one Announces New Hires to Research and Engage with Public Blockchain Networks

Block.one has just announced hiring former EOS New York founders Kevin Rose, Rick Schlesinger and their team! This great acquisition is a significant milestone that further showcases Block.one’s commitment to the EOS public network, and should have long-term positive impacts on EOS and the greater blockchain ecosystem. We feel that this is a shift in the right direction for Block.one and are thrilled to see how this increases their capacity to listen to and work with the EOS community.

High performance blockchain software publisher Block.one today announced that former EOS New York founders Rick Schlesinger, Kevin Rose and their team will be joining Block.one to help the company deepen its engagement with public blockchain communities, promote ideas to foster open, organized, and decentralized public network operation, and represent its interests as a token holder of several public digital assets. – Block.one

Congratulations to the entire former EOS New York team for all of the great work they have done for EOS in the past. We are looking forward to working with them in this new role!
In other Block.one news, they also published a EOSIO Release Recap which lists the many updates published for EOSIO v2.0.3 (and previous versions), for eosio.contracts v1.9.1, for EOSJS v21.0.0-rc2 and other updates such as Elemental Battles and Tropical Stay App v1.1.0.

115M+ Actions in 24 hours on EOS Mainnet

After many months of fine tuning the EOSIO software and upgrading hardware, many block producers are now running EOS VM, which significantly increases the throughput capacity of the EOS Mainnet. Consequently, this week saw the EOS Mainnet set a new record, processing an impressive 115M+ actions in a single day!

After many months of testing, EOS Nation is happy to announce that we have now activated EOS VM on our block producing nodes. As all block producers activate EOS VM, we expect the number of daily on-chains actions to surge to 150M+ in the coming days and weeks. EOS is on its way to process more operations in one day than BTC and ETH do in a year! ⚡️

This opens doors and gives the public a glimpse of what’s already possible! How will your organization integrate EOSIO

xNation EOS Liquidity Pools

We’re excited to announce that you can now launch or join an EOS liquidity pool on Bancor directly from our Bancor portal at xNation.io

Curious to understand how it all works? Make sure to read Bancor’s xNation Guide and Walkthrough to understand how to create your own EOS liquidity pool in a few simple steps. Or watch the great video tutorial created by Jacques Whales of EOS Discussions.

The WAX Office of the Inspector General (OIG) released their WAX Guild report for the month of March, along with further insights in their evaluation process. They also asked for feedback from the community regarding their guidelines. We encourage our readers to learn more about what they consider a Top WAX Guild to look like.

They rated a total of 39 Guilds in March, and we’re happy to see 3 new WAX Guild candidates enter the ecosystem. Welcome EOSIO Central, AIKON, and WAX.WORLD!

Recent modifications to the judging criteria and continued community support allowed EOS Nation to climb up 8 spots in the ranks this month, placing 4th. Congratulations to Pink.Network, WAXSweden and EOS42 who earned the top 3 spots this month.

The OIG spent a total of 60 hours on enhancing the framework and evaluating Guilds this month.

The BOSCore team, known for bringing great tech like IBC, 3 second LIB and the BOS Oracle machine to the EOSIO Ecosystem, published an article where they position their project, define their ambitions and explain the next technical innovations on their roadmap. With the rise of a new financial infrastructure on the horizon, BOSCore is hard at work to provide reliable, robust and flexible solutions to be at the forefront of innovation.

“BOSCore will be at the epicenter of multi-chain interoperability, integrating multiple ecosystem resources, creating a financial center in the blockchain world, providing sufficient resources and infrastructure for applications, and build a trusted business ecosystem based on blockchain technology.” – BOSCore

Sounds promising, so let’s take a look at the building bricks of the BOSCore future:

New Resource Model
To avoid friction for mainstream users, BOS will introduce an alternative gas-based resource model to the EOSIO Ecosystem, while still preserving the advantages of the current model.

BOSCore will support multiple virtual machine engines and therefore several programming languages for smart contracts. The goal is to integrate a larger number of developers and provide them solutions for much needed high speed contract execution and higher single-chain TPS.

Cross-Chain Center
To be well equipped for a large variety of business scenarios BOS will open the EOSIO Ecosystem to mainstream digital crypto assets via IBC technology and the oracle machine. They’re also looking to integrate stable digital currencies issued by governments and their respective central banks.

BOSCore will integrate WebAuthn, a new security web standard formally adopted by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), allowing users to manage access to their accounts with improved security and user friendliness. Furthermore, BOSCore will support corresponding protocols so that blockchain applications can broaden their accessibility.

Oracle Store
Oracles are a key technology for furthering the adoption of blockchain technologies by providing reliable off-chain data to on-chain smart contracts. With the Oracle Store, a mobile phone APP, BOSCore brings a user friendly experience to the table of decentralized data services.

Zero-Knowledge Proof Toolkit
Serving both privacy and security needs, BOSCore provides developer tools to easily integrate Zero-Knowledge Proof, as it becomes apparent how important and widely adopted this technology is going to be.

Parallel Computing
The limitations of the individual hardware running the nodes in the network are also the limitations of what a blockchain, even running a protocol as scalable as EOSIO, can process. Aware of the fact that for mass adoption these limitations are unacceptable, BOSCore is working on “a capacity expansion solution based on isolated computing that redefines the role and block structure of nodes in the network, which can increase the overall load capacity through horizontal expansion.” 

BOSCore continues to advance towards their vision for a next generation business ecosystem based on decentralization and data security. One should definitely keep an eye on their activities, and a good starting point to dig deeper is their newly launched website, where all the different components of BOSCore are laid out and the diverse team is introduced.

The latest development of BOSCore fresh off the press  is the extended BOS IBC Light Client.

EOS Nation has always been a big supporter of dfuse as we use it in many of our products. We think this is a great collaboration that will provide tons of value for the entire EOSIO ecosystem!

The Blockbase team released a simple proof-of-concept app in the form of an online canvas, which uses a BlockBase Sidechain to store pixels drawn by users and generates a proof of everything that happened on that canvas previously. Every time someone draws a pixel, a BlockBase Sql request is sent to a BlockBase node running a sidechain while the block headers are sent to the main chain, which in this case is the jungle test net. 

The whole process is explained in more detail in an accompanying post

This little app showcases Blockbase’s ease of use, performance and flexibility, and soon their products will allow anyone to improve their database security, achieve real integrity, history and accountability of operations, while making no compromises to scalability and usability. On top of that, BlockBase offers optional encryption for all data stored.

For those interested to experiment more with BlockBase sidechains, head on over to the newly created Sandbox environment.

Since the recent 2.0 update of EOS Discussions, the platform has shown heightened activity. From the weekly format of the Sunday Sessions to the cooperation with dApps, the platform grows and cultivates their communities in specific channels. Yet another reason might be the newly introduced staking functionality, that allows users to earn daily rewards in form of ATMOS tokens, the currency of Novusphere. 1 Million ATMOS are being distributed annually, which accounts for 2740 ATMOS per Day. You can learn how to stake by depositing ATMOS to your UID in a short video tutorial. The staked amount is displayed along with the estimated daily rewards in your EOS Discussions Wallet.

While you’re at it, check out some of the trending topics like the updated BOID Whitepaper, the WSB Meme Contest (10K ATMOS prize up for grabs) or EOS Nation’s Liquidity pool XNation

Keep on rocking EOS Discussions and thank you for the shout outs!

As we just mentioned, BOID is a trending topic on EOS Discussions and an interesting promo activity related to their  2.0 Whitepaper release might be one of the reasons why. After releasing the document, BOID invited the community to review it to help formulate questions to be integrated into the learn.boid.com portal, which will be released soon. 

The best questions are rewarded generously, so besides being an innovative community building effort, this is also a great opportunity to earn BOID tokens.

Read all about it on EOS Discussions and submit your questions in the form the BOID team has created for you.

Shortly after their big update, the Prospectors team announced their plans to grow beyond the initial game itself and level up to become a platform for other dApps as well. With an open call to fellow game developers they shared the idea of hosting a selection of other games within the Prospectors World and integrate them in their map.

In the article they put it like this:

“Just imagine: Prospectors citizens enter the door of some building on the map, get into your game, and still feel a part of Prospectors Gold Rush Reality.”

We’re happy to share this message wide as it shows the great spirit of cooperation on EOSIO.

There are only 2 requirements:

  • your dApp should fit within the reality of the Prospectors world.
  • your dApp should be fully developed on a compatible blockchain

So if you have an idea or a working project that fits the profile, reach out to the Prospectors team and tap into the large user base of the Prospectors game to kickstart your dApp. They even offered to help with the art design so that it perfectly fits into the Prospectors Reality.

Diving deeper into DeFi with Equilibrium’s AMA series is a fun and interactive experience, as they regularly invite representatives of DeFi Projects for a chat. As usual, it’s the job of the community to provide high quality questions, and the team offers $100 USD in EOSDT for the best one as an incentive. Join their Telegram Channel to take part and submit your questions.

In their newest episode, they had Thomas Bertani of Provable Things and pToken, which just launched on the Ethereum Main Net with pBTC, a pegged token that can also be staked on the Bancor liquidity pool. In earlier Hot Sauce episodes we reported that Equilibrium partnered with pToken in order to offer more pegged tokens in the future.

Besides being the “Lease Everything” platform of the EOSIO Ecosystem, the Chintai team had also spun up tokenization services labeled Mynt. It seems their offerings and expertise came to fruition as they had some bigger news to share last week. Through their partnership with CinderBlox, a United States based company that is equipped with deep industry knowledge and regulatory licensing for investment real estate, they are bringing Real Estate to the EOS Blockchain. As an initial issuance, they have plans to raise up to $27 million for a $100 million commercial real estate development in Chicago. 

This quote greatly summarizes why both companies are the perfect match:

“The Chintai engine is also white labeled for secondary trading and allows a well-equipped team like CinderBlox, whom has multi-jurisdictional licensing and deep industry knowledge, to focus on delivery and execution without the burden of development costs. “

We encourage you to read the full article to learn more about the partnership, why it makes sense to tokenize real estate, and what we can expect from the the future of this partnership.

The first of its kind EOS-based Peer-to-Peer trading venue known as EOSLocally announced their plans to add multi-chain support, in an effort to bring more value to their customers. As a logical step, they’re rebranding to CryptoLocally and will soon add more trading options. The platform will continue to be a non-custodial service, which means that users never give up control over their assets in order to trade.

The EOS Writer started an interesting poll last week as they asked readers and followers: What would you say is the best #EOSIO dApp to use while under quarantine?”

The glorious winner was announced to be Effect.Ai, which offer innovative ways to generate an income to anyone that has access to the internet.

The EOS Writer team promised a detailed review as a grand prize.

Great stuff!

The next EOSIO Swiss Workshop by Novacrypto in partnership with CV Labs is just a little less than a month away. While we really hope that the restrictions due to COVID-19 won’t be necessary anymore by then, the Workshop will be happening no matter what, as this time it’s also available as an online webinar for anyone to join remotely. Registrations for the webinar are open.

EOS Nation is a top 21 Block Producer on the EOS public network. We earn inflation rewards based on the percentage of tokens staked towards us. Those rewards are reinvested into EOSIO community, tools, and infrastructure. Help grow the ecosystem by staking your vote to eosnationftw for BP or proxying to proxy4nation

Remember, we never accept compensation in exchange for featuring projects in the EOS Hot Sauce. That means if a project is included in the EOS Hot Sauce, it’s because we believe that project brings value to the EOSIO ecosystem and we want our community to know about it!

Are you building an interesting project on EOSIO? We want to hear from you! Reach out to us on social media or email info@eosnation.io. 

Thanks for supporting EOS Nation and for reading this week’s edition of EOS Hot Sauce! Want more spicy updates? Check out some of our recent EOS Hot Sauce episodes!

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