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The .gems team is proud to announce yet another cooperation that brings more fine art NFTs to the WAX ecosystem. In partnership with Provinz Editionen, leading publishers of contemporary fine art editions and multiples, we’ve launched combines scientifically sound market insights into contemporary art with the expertise of leading players in the fields of blockchain/NFT technology, thus creating a sustainable, transparent and democratic market place for digital art with increasing potential for artists and collectors around the globe. We curate a selection of high-class, digital works that can be sold and collected by means of NFT technology, without any loss in quality and with the assurance that the works are secure against forgery.

As the first release, we are presenting digital artworks by Erik Schmidt and Florian Adolph.  You can find detailed information about both of these artists and their works below.  Both artists and their NFTs will be presented at the ART COLOGNE, the oldest art fair in the world, and one of the most important industry meeting points for galleries and art institutions in Germany. It has been an occasion for generations of art collectors to discover, collect, exchange ideas and establish new contacts.  For us, the perfect place to introduce the new medium of NFTs to the traditional art world.  But now it’s time to take a look at the 2 amazing artists we’re going to present at the ART COLOGNE and make their works available for purchase on Nov. 17th 17:00 CET. 

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Erik Schmidt

With Tell me what democracy looks like, Erik Schmidt (born in Herford in 1968, lives in Berlin) has minted his first NFTs in cooperation with Erik Schmidt is globally renowned for his cinematic and artistic works, which take a closer look at the socio-cultural differences and conflicts that are present – and clash – throughout our globalized society. After the violent death of George Floyd in 2020, many people took to the streets as part of the Black Lives Matter movement to protest racism, despite coronavirus-related restrictions, including in German cities. Erik Schmidt combines digital recordings of individual protesters with pastose overpainting, while the battle cries of the chanting crowds form the background, thus creating a liquid animation which makes the viewer feel as if they are immediately experiencing the virulent situation. Tell me what democracy looks like is available from in three different versions, NFTs, each with a run of 50 copies, at € 150 each. The works of Erik Schmidt are represented in numerous public collections.

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Florian Adolph

Florian Adolph (born 1977) studied Interdisciplinary Art and Free Painting at the Städelschule academy of fine arts in Frankfurt am Main. Since 2006, his work has focused on the conditions of human perception in a medial context, using imagery that consciously vacillates between abstraction and representationalism, always questioning these perceptual patterns. Against this backdrop, he develops new, interdisciplinary methods of artistic production. In his current works, Florian Adolph uses blockchain technology in the form of NFTs, thus expanding his work to include the dimension of functionality. On the WAX Blockchain we will publish 10 unique “PrintingBlock” NFTs. Each “PrintingBlock” will automatically generate one new unique digital print per month for a whole year, starting January 1st 2022. The monthly print will be airdropped to the current holder of the “PrintingBlock”. So if you buy and hold the “PrintingBlock” NFT for 1 year you’ll receive a total of 13 NFTs for the price of one. If you however decide to resell the “PrintingBlock” the new owner will receive following monthly drops.

With this functional reference to prints and printing plates, Florian Adolph illustrates the equal importance of analogue and digital processes for his work. 

We hope that you enjoy this and future releases of

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