Yves La Rose

Ottawa, ON - LinkedIn | Twitter | Telegram

Research & Development
Special Advisor

Like many others on the EOS Nation team, I am passionate about blockchain technology and the decentralized future that EOS will bring. I am self-funded and have been focusing on EOS full-time since March 2018. I began my journey into computers at a very young age, building my first computer at 6 years old. I have always had a deep ideological relationship with computers and their role in decentralization. I began my university studies in software engineering, but quickly realized the human aspect was where my heart resided. After completing studies in psychology and pure sciences, I bridged the gap by focusing on perceptual and computational neuropsychology. In my professional life, I bring my background and experience to organizations looking to create autonomous efficiencies and effectiveness to processes using technology. When I am not in front of a computer, I am an avid reader, a lover of the outdoors - some of you may have crossed me on one of my many backcountry expeditions - and a world traveller. I am fluent in Japanese having spent the early part of my formative adult years living in Japan.