Stephane Bisson

Montreal, QC - Facebook | Telegram

Community Engagement
Social Media Coordinator

The path that has led me to EOS is not a common one. After studying business administration at Ottawa University, I found myself working a job that did not inspire me, surrounded mostly by people I did not enjoy being around. Waking up in the morning depressed at the thought of another day, I eventually left my federal government job. I stopped listening to what others thought I should do and started listening to what I wanted to do. It’s been a wild ride ever since and it feels like my life-satisfaction graph went parabolic, constantly reaching new all time highs. I've been able to use one of my passions, poker, to fuel my other passions in life which include hanging out with friends, traveling, sports, learning and all sorts of summer and winter backcountry adventures.

I also enjoy learning about psychology, behavioral-economics, incentives and game theory. Striving to always be game theory optimal at the poker table has transferred over to many other areas of my life. Falling in love with the ideology and efficiency of cryptoassets felt very natural once I started going down the rabbit hole of crypto knowledge.

I started to invest in cryptoassets in early 2017 and as a way to verify my investment thesis, I turned my facebook profile into a daily source of crypto teaser posts. My goal was to get people curious enough to chat with me so I could teach them what I knew about cryptoassets and decentralization. Once I got people to take the time to call me, I realized that most agreed with my philosophies. Having confirmed my investment thesis, I poured as much time and money as I could into crypto and kept educating myself and others.

Moving forward, I want to invest my time and capital into helping create the decentralized world we all dream of. I enjoy educating people on cryptoassets and I am very excited to focus my efforts on growing the EOS Nation through education and community engagement in 2018 and beyond!

Inspired by Dan Larimer, I also commit myself to helping build free market solutions to secure life, liberty and property for all.