Community Projects

Our goal is to promote this movement around the world. We want to disseminate the societal benefits achievable through EOS through ongoing education, the sharing of knowledge and resources, community engagement, and the creation of projects. We believe this to be the most judicious way to foster the growth of the EOS community and the adoption of this new technology.

Harnessing the power of EOS Nation Ambassadors, we have been promoting EOS through individuals that are passionate about the EOS project and want to play a part in the ecosystem by hosting or participating in events to promote the EOS ecosystem. Ambassadors are provided with educational material and the logistical know-how to help organize and run successful events. Subsequently, Ambassadors improve the educational material so that others can benefit from their acquired practical knowledge.

To date, EOS Nation has published articles in English, Mandarin, French, Spanish, Japanese, Dutch and German. We strive to continually excel in publishing articles for the global community in as many languages as possible.

Below is a timeline of our community engagement projects, starting from the creation of EOS Nation in August 2017 to early in June 2018. For up to date information, please see the link below as we are continually adding to the list.

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On the technology front, we are involved in many EOS related projects with our technology partners. To learn more about our Scholar Testnet, Voting Simulation, Testnet Tools, and other projects that EOS Nation has been involved in, see our EOS Nation Technology Update.

As EOS Nation strives to be the educational hub of the EOS ecosystem, we also maintain the Awesome EOS repository. We have included materials from a wide variety of sources, including other BPs. We welcome anyone to submit new links and we hope to create more resources in the future that benefit the entire EOS community.