chain is live, transactions flowing

Once 150M tokens have been used to vote, the chain will be officially ratified as the EOS mainnet and will be unlocked to the community. At this point, tokens may be unstaked by token-holders and reclaimed after the three-day waiting period.

There are many voting tools that have been created by talented community organizations and Block Producer candidates. However, none of these tools have completed an independent security audit and thus none are officially recommended at this time. The only tool that we recommend is named “cleos,” a Command Line tool for EOS released by Block.One as part of the EOSIO software.

Launch Sequence

  1. Verify Snapshot & Boot: ERC-20 token Snapshot is verified by EOS Mainnet Launch Group (EMLG) and third parties. Appointed Block Producers within the EMLG initiate the Boot process.
  2. Testing: EMLG and third parties will need some time to verify that the tokens have been loaded according to the snapshot file and that the software performs well. This stage will continue for 48-hours and repeat in the event that a major bug is found.
  3. Enable: The process of testing, validating and syncing with the anonymous Appointed Block Producer will begin. Within the next 12 hours transactions will be enabled for voting.
  4. Activation: Once 15% of votes have been staked, appointed Block Producers will be immediately replaced by elected Block Producers and we can declare the EOS Mainnet active.

Avoid Scams!

Don’t import your private key anywhere until you’ve seen statements released from at least a few Block Producers you trust stating that it’s safe to do so. Sharing your key with the wrong platform could result in loss of tokens. Learn more about BP candidates.