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WordProof Wins €1M from EU Commission

This week we learned the amazing news that EOS community favourite WordProof outcompeted 171 teams from 43 countries to collect a €1 million prize! Congratulations to the entire WordProof team for such an outstanding accomplishment! 

The European Innovation Council’s “Prize on Blockchains for Social Good” awarded a total of €5 million to socially innovative blockchain solutions in the following categories: traceability & fair trade, financial inclusion, aid & philanthropy, decentralized circular economy, energy and quality content, which WordProof won.

WordProof also made the news recently when it won $50K USD from a EOS VC Block.one grant and when it received $275K USD in financing from the Noord-Holland Innovation Fund for the development of technologies to better protect data on the internet. Now that funding is secured, we reached out to WordProof CEO Sebastiaan van der Lans to ask what’s next for this fast-growing startup:

With the prize from the EU comes both recognition as leverage for the journey ahead. With Europe as a partner, we can scale up faster and bring the web the layer of trust that we all deserved!”

Firstly, we will build both inbound as outbound marketing department focussing on adoption, delivering timestamp use cases in different niches and on different platforms. Starting with publishers and e-Commerce.

Secondly, as we believe that timestamping is the key to blockchain mass adoption, we’ll heavily invest in content marketing to educate the world on blockchain timestamping and how blockchain can help in both fixing online fraude and fake news. WordProof Academy is coming in Q3.

Thirdly, we’ll focus on advocacy in both Schema.org (this is one of the standards search engines and social media platforms use for parsing data) as in governmental adoption and development of regulation around timestamping content. – WordProof CEO Sebastiaan van der Lans

WAX Atomic Hub Launches & Capcom's Street Fighter is coming

Congratulations to Pink.Network for the successful launch of Atomic Assets 1.0, a new EOSIO NFT standard and the first worker proposal funded by WAX Labs. Atomic Assets 1.0 makes creating NFTs fun and easy, introduces a user-friendly RAM solution, two-sided trade offers, and great opportunities for marketplaces.

We’ve already laid out these innovative design principles of Atomic Assets in the EOS Hot Sauce Episode #57,  but we discovered some additional functionalities while exploring the actual release, such as backing of NFTs with tokens or sharing NFTs per link.

The Atomic Assets NFT Creator Guide gives simple instructions on how to create NFTs and organize them via customizable collections, schemas, attributes and templates. We already see many users making good use of it.

Anyone interested in learning more about Atomic Assets and Pink.Network, can check out this very recent interview with the Co-Founder Jona Wilmsmann.

To celebrate the successful launch, WAX started a giveaway of 5000 WAX Tokens and all you need to do to join is:

The Atomic Asset Hub empowers everyone to easily create digital collectibles, trade them for profit, and explore the opportunities of NFTs, which can be far more than just game assets on the blockchain. 

The potential of NFTs for the creative industry or artists is laid out in this solid Twitter thread we recently discovered and promoted.

Those more interested in trading already established collectibles such as the iconic NFTs of Topps better get ready for the next sale. On July 8th the much anticipated Topps GPK Tiger King packs will go live and we heard that there will be a total of 240,000 cards available. 

Considering the ongoing hype and how quickly the first series sold out, there might be just a small window of opportunity for getting them in the primary sale.

And we’re not done yet with WAX News, because WAX wouldn’t be WAX without plenty of great news.

This week’s announcement was about Capcom, a major player in the gaming sector mostly known for Street Fighter, an absolute classic in competitive gaming. 

And it’s coming to WAX, again introducing a mainstream audience and fanbase to the blockchain.

We’re excited to learn more details about this new partnership and once again congratulate the WAX team on their business development strategy.

Block.one Votes and New Details about their Northern Data Investment

Finance Magnates published an article sharing additional details about Block.one’s partnership with Northern Data that was recently announced.

Blockchain infrastructure firm Northern Data announced today it has signed 180 MW of capacity with a new customer.

The company revealed that its most recent customer is a Bitcoin mining operation backed by Blockchain Powerhouse Block.one with an initial 180 MW volume and an upsize option to 300 MW, which Northern Data signed today and which shall go live in early 2021.

“Block.one’s focus on leveraging EOSIO to bring increased scalability and transparency to the greater blockchain industry led us to Northern Data and their strategic market positioning and strong leadership. We’re excited to be collaborating with them to introduce unprecedented Bitcoin mining solutions, powered by EOSIO,” Brendan Blumer, CEO of Block.one, said.

In other Block.one news, we also saw 7 new block producers receiving votes this week! Congratulations to: 

  1. EOS.Wiki
  2. Binance
  3. Crypto Lions
  4. HK EOS
  5. EOSphere
  6. AcroEOS
  7. eosDublin

LiquidApps is #BuiltOnEOSIO, LiquidBrinX

The LiquidApps team keeps showing a high level of productivity, as they brought new functionalities to the DAPP Network, updated already existing ones, and introduced a new service for cross-chain data transfers with LiquidBrinx.

All in all a whole lot to make the life of blockchain developers easier. Let’s take a look.

By combining vRAM, LiquidScheduler, and LiquidOracles, this new service allows users to move tokens in between chains.

But moving a token is just one use case for LiquidBrinx, and you’ll find a selection of other potential use cases in the introduction article, along with the opportunity to vote on which one you want to see built.

Dapp Permissions
The flexible permission structure is a very useful feature of EOSIO, and now the DAPP Network supports special ‘dapp-level’ permissions, allowing the DSPs to assign a specific set of keys for signing service-related transactions.

dfuse Integration
Thanks to the integration of dfuse, DSPs don’t need to run their own state history node, but instead can utilize dfuse’s API key. This potentially makes blockchain data queries a lot easier for DSPs.

Inflation Rate Tuning By the DAPP Network Community
By enabling different inflation rates as part of the service package parameters, DSPs can provide their users with the ability to take an active part in tuning the inflation.

The content output of the LiquidApps team is also impressive.

In a recent DAPP Talk episode David Benchimol explains some of the new features, while CEO Beni Hakak and CTO Tal Muskal sat down for a fireside chat, discussing some general aspects of the LiquidApps architecture.

Block.one also decided to shine the spotlight on LiquidApps, featuring them in the latest #BuiltOnEOSIO episode.

Can’t get enough? Check out Beni Hakak’s recent Cointelegraph article or the great interview he gave Charlie Shrem for his famous Untold Stories podcast

Tune in to hear about Beni’s thoughts on EOS, scalability, and dApps.

New Chintai Leasing Markets, CHARM Coming to WAX

This week on Everything EOS we got to learn more about the progress the Chintai team has been making and the projects they’re currently working on. Tune in to the video as the guys discuss:

  • Live leasing market: DAPP leasing through REX-like pooling market
  • Upcoming pooling market: CHEX
  • Upcoming CHEX staking utility: whitelabel regulatory compliance and securities platform, create your own pooling markets
  • Singapore securities license process is ongoing and expected to be successful. Team praises EOSIO tech for allowing the performance needed to obtain the Singapore license, unlike PolyMath who were rejected from the same license due to protocol limitiations
  • Upcoming on WAX: Pooling markets, CHARM

Greymass Fuel Now Included in Anchor Link Wallet Kit

UX Networks Launches July 30th

01 Special Situations Group recently completed the acquisition of the Worbli Foundation assets and have announced the launch of the UX Network on July 30th.

This compliance-driven EOSIO enterprise public blockchain plans on implementing a proprietary, portage KYC solution and will also allocate UX tokens to current holders of WBI based on the upcoming July 10th snapshot.

EOS Nation is a top Block Producer on the EOS public network. We earn inflation rewards based on the percentage of tokens staked towards us. Those rewards are reinvested into EOSIO community, tools, and infrastructure. Help grow the ecosystem by staking your vote to eosnationftw for BP or proxying to proxy4nation

Remember, we never accept compensation in exchange for featuring projects in the EOS Hot Sauce. That means if a project is included in the EOS Hot Sauce it’s because we believe that project brings value to the EOSIO ecosystem and we want our community to know about it!

Are you building an interesting project on EOSIO? We want to hear from you! Reach out to us on social media or email info@eosnation.io. 

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Ocean Defenders NFT Launch

In the spirit of the emerging SOLARPUNK movement, The Ocean Defenders are determined to build a platform for a synergistic lifestyle. Here we come together to use our individual powers to preserve the cradle of life, our oceans.

Everyone can become an Ocean Defender, each in their own individual way. We welcome you.

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Heidi Taillefert presents: Vintage Valentines

The Vintage Valentine series was conceived to mimic turn of the century valentine’s day cards, reflecting an era when society pretended to hide the more salacious habits of so many people during that time. On top of the physical pieces, this collection also features digital copies, published as Vintage Valentine Card NFTs on the carbon-neutral WAX blockchain.

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