David Requenez, MBA

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EOS Nation Facebook Group (Admin and Founder)
Community Engagement
Multimedia Design

I’ve lived in Texas all my life and am of Hispanic heritage, a 3rd generation college graduate and earned an MBA in 2011, acquired experience in education/education administration and worked business startups in education and design. I’ve had an eye in the blockchain space since 2010. I followed big names in the industry (Andreas Antonopoulos) and was a bitcoin maximalist for a long time, then I realized Bitcoin was no longer making sense as a P2P money or scaling solution due to miner control and fees. I came across EOS early on… So yeah, 100% of my cryptfolio is EOS! I’ve always been interested in economics, but am convinced that markets are manipulated. I Iived through the Internet boom, housing bust, and Financial Crisis, and am an original RON PAUL 2008 supporter and am driven to study free market economics; I am a big fan of Peter Schiff, Marc Faber & Milton Friedman. I also enjoy and try to stay on the forefront of technology (some experience in web design & coding), so when I saw the man Dan Larimer come about (boom) All in (free market solutions). I see Dan Larimer as the Steve Jobs of Crypto. Other than this, I’m a pretty basic guy with a passion for business development and community growth and engagement. Behind every great project are great people and a community to support them.