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Tony Chester

Raleigh, NC



I believe in the power of humanity and we need the control back. After I dove into the Interwebs back in the late 90's, I took my knowledge and started a web design and marketing firm that ran for 13 years before selling. After a few years off to figure out what was next -- low and behold I come across Bitcoin. Doing the same today as I did back in the 90's -- I've thrown myself into Crypto, running a couple of Meetups in the area and trying to get a full day event on the books this year. Podcast is on the horizon.

I love EOS and the vision of Dan. Decentralized everything is the future, having the system almost work for free is a huge advantage, the speed EOS strives for will help push crypto to the next level, and the amount of support behind this venture is staggering! I've been in since I got my first coins at .50 cents ;-) As for me, I've got a pension to exude passion when I speak, charisma gets me a long way -- tied with knowledge and a way to speak to a broad audience assists in my success and my goal is to spread the GOOD WORD!